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Oppressive Islamic Headscarves in Trouble Under New Ruling

For the past few years, Europe has been struggling with a huge influx of primarily Muslim refugees from the Middle East. This huge movement of people has caused crime rates to surge and strained relations within Europe.

Already, some European countries are fighting back. Now it appears the European Union is too. The European Court of Justice recently ruled that businesses can ban the wearing of Islamic headscarves, or hijabs, The Guardian reported.

The court ruled broadly that businesses can ban any religious symbols, which would include headscarves. However, customers cannot simply demand employees remove headscarves (or other symbols). The store must have a policy to that effect.

The BBC reported that the court also included a caveat to its ruling, which stated that businesses have to prove that their ban of religious items is not mean to be discriminatory.

While headscarves are not a requirement of Sharia Law, their association with traditional Islamic beliefs means the ruling is a first step toward ensuring that Shariah law never gets established in Europe officially.

Already, many politicians in Europe have called this ruling a win for businesses and a win for those who are trying to stop the potential spread of Sharia law into Europe.

This new ruling ensure that businesses are not forced to bow down to those who want to reshape Europe for their own purposes.

Several Islamic groups, as well as Amnesty International, attacked the decision, calling it “backdoor” to “prejudice,” Reuters reported. It was unclear Wednesday if this ruling can, or will, be appealed

Hopefully it stands.