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Michelle Obama’s Lunch Rules in Big Trouble After Lobbying Group Pushes Repeal

The school lunch program that former first lady Michelle Obama forced on public schools could be coming to an end.

The Washington Examiner reported that the School Nutrition Association released new recommendations for school lunches, which included scaling back on federal nutrition standards the Obama put into place. The report included proposals for reducing restrictions on food choices and adding options that would actually taste good.

“Overly prescriptive regulations have resulted in unintended consequences,” the paper stated.

Those consequences included a reduction in the number of students who participated in lunch programs, higher costs are increased food waste because students were required to accept foods that they had no plans to eat.

“Federal nutrition standards should be modified to help school menu planners manage these challenges and prepare nutritious meals that appeal to diverse student tastes,” the paper said.

Salt and whole grain standards have been problematic for schools, the paper noted. Obama’s lunch program aimed to offer low sodium foods, but those requirements limited foods that naturally contain sodium, include meat, some soups, salads and even low-fat deli sandwiches.

In addition, schools have struggled with the “limited availability of specialty whole grain items.”

“The federal government involving itself in what is served in school lunches is the epitome of government overreach,” Meadows told the Examiner, pointing out that school districts that opted out of the program provided students with better choices.

Meadows also said that he gave President Donald Trump a report of more than 300 regulations that his administration could undo, which included the federal lunch program standards.

The sooner Michelle Obama’s lunch programs are out of our schools, the better off our students will be.