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Man SICK at what 400 American Soldiers Are Doing in Public, Takes Immediate Actions That Leaves Onlookers in Shock

About 400 American soldiers were sitting on the floor of an airport eating a government provided sack lunch. Nothing appetizing in there, not enough seats for every soldier, and it was nothing more than a dreaded layover that was probably a miserable day for all soldiers.

That’s when a California businessman and philanthropist saw them being basically mistreated as they sat on the floor  eating their nasty lunch. Shlomo Rechnitz thought they deserved better. He gathered them around, gave them his words of thanks, and bought them all lunch. The lunches were said to be about $50 each thanks to gaudy airport RIPOFF pricing. Rechnitz dropped about $20k on this lunch as a way to say thanks. That’s more than some people earn in a few months at work and this is more than a thank you, but a huge token of appreciation.

A California businessman and philanthropist named Shlomo Rechnitz was on a trip to Israel with his family late last year when he was forced to endure a layover at an airport in Shannon, Ireland.

While at the airport, Rechnitz discovered a group of U.S. Army soldiers, about 400 in all, sitting on the floor eating their government-provided sack lunches, a far different sight than that of the civilians at the airport dining at the fancy bistros and fast food outlets located there, according to Fox News.

Such an occurrence seemed unfair to him, so he approached the commander of the soldiers and asked if he could do them all a favor and purchase real meals for them.

The real shocker is that Shlomo Rechnitz is from California! Usually the folks in California aren’t the most American loving citizens. Some of them are so liberal that they hate their own country.

Watching this video of a man thanking our soldiers was nothing less than moving. Makes you wish you had an extra $20k to spend on someone else. When you can give back to others, it goes a long way. People need to do that more often. It’s always remembered and always comes back to you.

Rechnitz sets a good example and treats his soldiers with respect and a nice lunch.  He gave the soldiers a story they won’t ever forget. Maybe all of us can do the same thing one day.