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“FAIR SHARE” FAIL: Trump’s Taxes Show He Paid Almost TWICE The Rate Of Socialist Bernie Sanders Who Owns 3 Homes, Preaches Equality

The fallout for the Democrats doesn’t seem to end. Every time they open their mouths in an attempt to take down President Trump, it ends up harming them and exposing their hypocrisy. Last night, Rachel Maddow’s epic fail to expose Trump’s 2005 tax returns was no exception.

Not only did she prove that Donald Trump paid an enormous amount of money to the American government, she also shined a light on the insane gap between the percentage of what Trump is being forced to pay compared to wealthy government officials like Bernie Sanders who owns 3 homes, including a lakefront home on the magnificent Lake Champlain in Vermont.

Sanders purchased his home almost immediately after announcing that he would conceded the primary race for president against the Hillary Clinton.

Watch Tucker Carlson point out that Trump paid a 25% tax rate while socialist “fair share” Bernie only paid a 13% tax rate: