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BOOM! Texas County Played Trump’s BLUFF – Now They Are Out MILLIONS!

Travis County is home to the capitol of Texas, Austin. It is an island of progressivism in a mostly conservative state. Travis County Sheriff “Sanctuary Sally” Hernandez has fallen out of the graces of Governor Abbott, who has stated bluntly that if she continues to defy the rule of law, he will cut off millions of dollars to the county. So far, she is not budging. Texas Governor Greg Abbott made abolishing sanctuary jurisdictions in Texas an emergency item for this year’s legislative session and a bill is speeding through that would enforce that move. I love Governor Abbott.

Sheriff Hernandez is about to knowingly create a catastrophe for the City of Austin. They could lose $125 million in state and federal grants. Can you spell bankruptcy? At this time, “(t)he governor’s office is currently evaluating how much of that $125 million could be taken away under S.B. 4.” Oh, I hope all of it is taken away. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

From the Conservative Tribune:

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is not one to tolerate dissension in the ranks.

Travis County, Texas, home of the state capital, Austin, may lose millions in state funding because of the county’s sanctuary policies when a bill outlawing them passes the state legislature, reports Breitbart.

The legislation, S.B. 4, contains provisions to cut funding from any “local entity” refusing to cooperate with federal immigration authorities.

According to the bill, which has already passed the Texas Senate:

“A local entity may not receive state grant funds if the entity adopts, enforces, or endorses a policy under which the entity prohibits or discourages the enforcement of immigration laws or, by consistent actions, prohibits or discourages the enforcement of immigration laws.”

Unfortunately for Travis County, what’s at stake is a staggering $125 million in state and federal grants that come from the governor’s office, according to Abbott’s spokesman, John Wittman, speaking with Breitbart.

But hey….if her conscience dictates she take a stand, go for it. I would wager a large sum that she will be removed from office fairly quickly if his goes down. Good times and it will send a powerful message to other sanctuary cities, counties, states and campuses, “I just don’t think you solve the criminal justice process by deporting (illegals). We talk about being progressive. I believe we need to lead the way,” she said last August in an interview with the Texas Tribune. Do it! Please do it. I really want to see your little experiment blow up in your face.


  • Ronald Bryant Jr.

    Put all that saved money into a fund for the victims of illegal immigrant crime!

  • Mt. Wannahockalugi

    I do believe this bill also grants the Governor authority to remove any sheriff who knowingly and willingly violates state law.

    • I’mBaaaatmaaaan!

      Doubtful. County sheriff is an ELECTED position. The governor cannot unilaterally remove an elected official.

      • Glen A Hinzman

        Oh yes the Gov can , better look that up , its true .

        • I’mBaaaatmaaaan!

          No, he cannot. Personally, I wish he could in this case. BUT;

          Congressman Lloyd Doggett has issued a statement calling Gov. Greg Abbott’s comments on Fox News unlawful demands.

          Abbott said he would have Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez removed from office if Hernandez does not rescind a policy that would limit compliance with federal immigration authorities.

          “Neither Gov. Abbott nor the Legislature have any authority to remove a duly elected sheriff, whose office is established by the Texas Constitution,” Doggett said in the statement. “The governor shows contempt for both the Texas Constitution and the Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution.”

          • BearStar1 .

            You are starting to stutter and repeat yourself !!!

          • I’mBaaaatmaaaan!

            it was a copy and paste, so…

          • NWI_Joe

            Your “proof” cites neither the Texas Constitution nor the Bill of Rights (which I firmly believe is moot on how states are run). Simply re-posting what an opposition Congressman said does not constitute “proof.” Removal of even elected officials is likely available to the executive of the state. Not to say he can just pluck her out of office, but she can be charged with failure to perform her duties (upholding the law, for one) and impeached, I’m sure. Otherwise, you just have a lot of tinpot dictatorships running your state. Proof that this theory is incorrect will entail more than yet another reposting of what some “Congressman” simply says.

          • Chuck Lewis

            Can a Sheriff be arrested for not enforcing the law? Failure to do your duty is a criminal offence for most governmental employees. For example in Ohio ; Ohio Revised Code – 3.07. Forfeiture of office for misconduct in office.

            § 3.07. Forfeiture of office for misconduct in office.

            Any person holding office in this state, or in any municipal corporation, county, or subdivision thereof, coming within the official classification in Section 38 of Article II, Ohio Constitution, who willfully and flagrantly exercises authority or power not authorized by law, refuses or willfully neglects to enforce the law or to perform any official duty imposed upon him by law, or is guilty of gross neglect of duty, gross immorality, drunkenness, misfeasance, malfeasance, or nonfeasance is guilty of misconduct in office. Upon complaint and hearing in the manner provided for in sections 3.07 to 3.10, inclusive, of the Revised Code, such person shall have judgment of forfeiture of said office with all its emoluments entered thereon against him, creating thereby in said office a vacancy to be filled as prescribed by law. The proceedings provided for in such sections are in addition to impeachment and other methods of removal authorized by law, and such sections do not divest the governor or any other authority of the jurisdiction given in removal proceedings.
            Does Texas have a similar law?

          • Kris Harmon

            She can actually be removed from office under this provision.






            Sec. 87.001. NO REMOVAL FOR PRIOR ACTION. An officer may not be removed under this chapter for an act the officer committed before election to office.

            Acts 1987, 70th Leg., ch. 149, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1987.


            Sec. 87.011. DEFINITIONS. In this subchapter:
            (1) “District attorney” includes a criminal district attorney.
            (2) “Incompetency” means:
            (A) gross ignorance of official duties;
            (B) gross carelessness in the discharge of those duties; or
            (C) unfitness or inability to promptly and properly discharge official duties because of a serious physical or mental defect that did not exist at the time of the officer’s election.
            (3) “Official misconduct” means intentional, unlawful behavior relating to official duties by an officer entrusted with the administration of justice or the execution of the law. The term includes an intentional or corrupt failure, refusal, or neglect of an officer to perform a duty imposed on the officer by law.

            Acts 1987, 70th Leg., ch. 149, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1987.

            Sec. 87.012. OFFICERS SUBJECT TO REMOVAL. The district judge may, under this subchapter, remove from office:
            (1) a district attorney;
            (2) a county attorney;
            (3) a county judge;
            (4) a county commissioner;
            (5) a county clerk;
            (6) a district clerk;
            (7) a district and county clerk;
            (8) a county treasurer;
            (9) a sheriff;
            (10) a county surveyor;
            (11) a county tax assessor-collector;
            (12) a constable;
            (13) a justice of the peace;
            (14) a member of the board of trustees of an independent school district; and
            (15) a county officer, not otherwise named by this section, whose office is created under the constitution or other law of this state.

          • I’mBaaaatmaaaan!

            OK. So, I guess they should quit TALKING, and start ACTING !

          • Jim Dahlberg

            Let me ask a question. If an elected sheriff refuses to carry out the duties of their job, they can not be fired for refusing to do their job? What kind of state do you have that can let a sheriff refuse to do their job and you can’t get them out?

          • Elise Sheppard

            Don’t believe anything just because Lloyd Doggett says it’s so. He’s a poopy head.

        • I’mBaaaatmaaaan!

          I wish he could, But, NO, he cannot.

          Congressman Lloyd Doggett has issued a statement calling Gov. Greg Abbott’s comments on Fox News unlawful demands.

          Abbott said he would have Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez removed from office if Hernandez does not rescind a policy that would limit compliance with federal immigration authorities.

          “Neither Gov. Abbott nor the Legislature have any authority to remove a duly elected sheriff, whose office is established by the Texas Constitution,” Doggett said in the statement. “The governor shows contempt for both the Texas Constitution and the Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution.”

          • burtmet

            If she breaks the law he can . By refusing to obey a federal law she has broken the law . She can be replaced with a temp till elections can be held .

      • Ambaja

        When she is willfully violating the law, and not performing the duties of her office, he can!

        • todd

          He can arrest her though. And put her in the country jail with the criminals she arrested

          • BearStar1 .

            No, it would be a STATE Jail , not a County Jail !!!

          • Cindy

            starts in County. Then state when sentenced!

      • BearStar1 .

        Oh YES He can ! He’s the Governor and has that Right and Power to do so !!! Gee, You are some kind of STUPID !!!!

        • Jackie Bennett

          The only person that can arrest a Sheriff is the coroner. He can be directed to do so by the Governor.

          • BearStar1 .

            Boy ! Now YOU are really some kind of Special STUPID !!! A Coroner has NO Authority or Power to Arrest ANYONE !!! He only pronounces People Dead when they have died, much like Your Brain !!!

          • Jackie Bennett

            Local laws define the deaths a coroner must investigate, but most often include those that are sudden, unexpected, and have no attending physician—and deaths that are suspicious or violent.[25] In some places in the United States, a coroner has other special powers, such as the ability to arrest the county sheriff. This includes most Southern states but I know that it does not cover all states. Check it out BearStar1 before you jump to conclusions.

          • BearStar1 .

            I’m not believing this bull because a Coroner is not a Law Enforcement Officer of any kind! A Law Enforcement Officer has to have attended , and graduated from a Police Academy and be Certified by the State as a Peace Officer, or as a Arson Investigator, or as a Fire Marshal , before they can even work in any Dept as a LEO, Arson Investigator or Fire Marshal whether it be Federal , State, County , District or City !! That’s how it is most of the 50 States of the USA !!!

          • BearStar1 .

            The Sheriff is the top police official in the county. No one has authority over the Sheriff, unless the state police must take over or remove him for criminal charges.
            The county court or commissioners control his budget, so they have some control, but in the day to day operations no one has control.
            He is elected by the people of the county.

          • I’mBaaaatmaaaan!

            Do you even pay attention to your previous posts ? You told me nearly the opposite of what you are saying here, and yet, you call others “stupid”

          • BearStar1 .
          • Kris Harmon

            The only person that has the authority to arrest a Sheriff is a Constable, not a coroner. Constables have the same authority in their respective county as the Sheriff, and a Constable does not answer to the Sheriff in the county.

      • Carol Walters

        If you or I were violating a federal law, do you think the authorities would stand by and let us get away with it? Nope, we would be behind bars. Could be what will happen here. If this sheriff is breaking federal laws on immigration, perhaps he can have her removed from her position. You know how that goes. One day there’s a law against something and the next there is another to countermand it. Crooked all the way around I think.

        • Judi Mores

          That sounds so good and easy to do. Break a federal law, get arrested and go directly to jail without passing GO…Wish we could have done this with Obama.

      • skelnav88

        Actually, the Governor does have the authority, under certain circumstances, to do just that.

      • BearStar1 .

        Oh YES He Can ! He’s the GOVERNOR !!! You are some kind of Special STUPID !!!

        • I’mBaaaatmaaaan!

          And you say I “stutter” Ha, Ha.

  • Daviska

    I just do not understand these individuals that are so adamant about having sanctuary cities and complying with the law. What am I missing here? I know what Travis county will be missing soon.

  • BearStar1 .

    No matter how hard one tries, you just can’t fix STUPID !!!

    • William Plaster

      She isn’t stupid, only doing what many Hispanics will do to protect those who look and act like them, hoping to control the government of the U.S.. Once they do that, expect the U.S. to be run by the drug cartels, just like Mexico.

      • BearStar1 .

        Oh ? And that is what YOU want ? To live in a country controlled by Drug Cartels ? Well go Take Your Sorry Ass to Mexico and live there with THEM !!! WE don’t want their kind here in the USA !!! Gee, What a friggin’ IDIOT You are !!!

        • William Plaster

          You may benefit from Reading Comprehension 101 if you are capable of understanding that.

          • BearStar1 .

            My Reading Comprehension is just fine and I understand what I read !!!

          • uglykidmoe

            sorry Bear you misunderstood William, he is essentially saying the worthless sheriff is a bigot, he was not supporting her point of view.

    • Lacocina Demigeneral

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      • BearStar1 .

        Both the Documentary Interview on DVD and the Audio CD of 15 songs , both recorded and released in Jan. 2012 were titled
        ” Elvis Found Alive ! ” and can be purchased at Amazon.com

  • Kelly Livers

    These officials denying state and government law need removed, taking funds from innocent people in these cities isn’t right and isn’t hurting the one actually committing the crime at all.

    • Richard

      They aren’t innocent people, they voted in the very people causing them to lose the funds. Make stupid choices, win stupid prizes. Next time they’ll vote in somebody who will enforce the laws of this country. You can’t pick and choose which laws to enforce, that’s why the illegal aliens commit so much crime. I bet you would be real upset if one of them murdered your child and the sheriff decided not to prosecute…perspective is a funny thing.

  • Brian Holbrook

    I bet not one of you has ever even talked to an ‘illegal’ immigrant, ever been to where they work or live. I’m proud to call the many Mexican immigrants my neighbors and friends and would pick Mexican immigrants as my countrymen over Trump supporters 7 days a fucking week, you obtuse shitheads.

    • James Richardson

      no one said there bad people there is a right way to immigrate to the US you just don’t break in and think you can stay

      • UnkleRaw

        Help by reporting every illegal alien you find by calling 1-866-DHS-2ICE (1-866-347-2423).

        • BigMG

          Is Obama still in DC? I need to get his address so there’s no confusion.

    • Robert H. Tompkins III

      What part of “Illegal” do you not understand?

    • Ken

      It’s illegal and it’s killing us by billions. If you love living next door to mexicans so much may I make a suggestion? Move to mexico city. I’ll bet you’ll be so happy living next to them and away from us obtuse shitheads. You use big words like obtuse but have you ever considered maybe it is you who is the obtuse shithead, by refusing to see how your own countrymen feel. It is us being harmed after all my obtuse shithead friend.
      Better yet try living in mexico illegally and see how you get treated. You’ll find yourself not only obtuse but fatally ignorant as well.

    • Terry Ray

      Oh, and you’re such an authority on illegal immigrants in Texas; living in Washington? Have you ever been to Texas? Or do you just like to troll and show your stupidity?

    • tonytheplatypus

      Great. Move to Mexico.

    • Dean Bruckner

      So resign your citizenship now, you traitor!

    • Rose Ellis

      legal, legal, legal, illegal, legal, legal….. {sings}… One of these things… is not like the other… one of these things.. isn’t the same… One of …

    • southernmom1

      There are literally THOUSANDS of Europeans who want to come to the US. Everyday the line around the American Embassy in London stretches around the block. The difference between these immigrants and those from Mexico or South America? Europeans can’t swim that far and they tend to abide by the law. If you sneak over the wall, you’re living in your neighbor’s house and eating his food while hiding in the attic, you are there illegally. If you do NOT see the difference, you’re obtuse.

    • Gary Vincent

      Great. Move to Mexico but do so without taking a passport and just hop the fence or ID see what happens

    • rick1716

      I guess we need to report you as obstructing justice before the fact. You know where illegal aliens live. Obama worshiping snowflake

    • Yuovette

      I have known a lot and seen them at work ..They work very hard and most are good people…That being said, the Mexican immigrants are fine..No one , including Trump , that immigrants can’t be here..But you don’t want to hear that cause hate has stopped up your ears..Illegal (look it up) means breaking the law!! Come in like the immigrants before them..Through the correct channels!!!

      • Steve Ball

        yourestill to stupid to understand immigration or criminals-illegal immigration,laws don’t matter to stupid idiots that just do what gthey want,and those don’t belong anywhere in the USA,you refugee lover.

      • Steve Ball

        they work so hard,that they are %50 of all prison populations sucking up billions of Americas money,causes theres nothing to steal in mexico,and no women for them to rape,its all trannies.

    • Steve Ball

      that’s what happens when youre a 2nd grade gradgeate!! you have an IQ of 40,loser liberal.

    • American Infidel

      Not all illegals are Mexican. More than Mexicans come across our borders illegally. Guess you didn’t know that. I bet you think those Muslims in the more than 20 extremist Islamic terrorist training camps are here legally. Oh, you don’t know about those training camps? Not all illegals here are here to ‘better their lives’. Something else you don’t seem to be aware of.

    • uglykidmoe

      cool, you can go visit your butt buddies in mexico once we deport them, dickhead.

  • J. Fannin

    Sounds like this idiot sheriff needs to see the inside of one of her jail cells and be stripped of all her law enforcement powers…………….

  • imcurious

    Finally we see what Miss Piggy has decided to do for a 2nd career

  • Hassenbensober

    When they take the job they swear an oath to uphold the law. Sounds like that oath has been broken.

  • URKiddinMee

    Don’t bet on her constituents booting her out of office. Austin is the liberal cesspool of an otherwise fairly conservative State. The University of Texas has been the main indoctrination center for molding leftist for several generations now. Add to that the influx of West Coast liberals who want to Californicate every place they infiltrate, and you get elected officials like this so-called Sheriff.

  • Denise Sperry

    What she personally believes, is not the issue to upholding constitutional law! The law she swore to uphold. By defying her sworn oath she should be removed from office immediately, stripped of her credentials, & stripped of her pension.

  • Ronald Pence

    The gov of Fl. removed our sheriff and appointed another in his place. I guess this depends on your state law.

  • flutepilot

    If somebody breaks into your house, is this person then allowed to stay? I think not, and that is exactly what the illegal aliens are doing. Think about it.

  • Steve Ball

    another liberal ignoring the law cause she only cares about her people,the Mexicans.Her job doesn’t matter to her.The only reason she isn’t already fired is her name.They need to do it so she ant cry racism,but she is the racist.If youre a Mexican you can do anything you want.

  • tzayad

    She already IS committing a felony. And could be put away from 5 to 10 years. If you read the federal law regarding harboring or assisting illegal aliens, it specifies that even officials can be prosecuted for the crime and so can even clergy. DOJ could easily prosecute every single Mayor, LEO, city council, county commissioners, judges, governors, legislators, etc for passing any law or ignoring the federal law. And I think they should. ROUND THEM UP AND TOSS AWAY THE KEY!

  • BigMG

    I don’t get how an elected official, like a sheriff, can take an oath and then deny justice to the very people she swore to protect.

    Texas, or any other border state, has never had a problem with legal, registered, workers.

    The only people who benefit from illegal activity are the Marxists (many of whom are politicians) that want to destroy America, and the Rich who apparently don’t care; as long as they get free labor on someone else’s dime.

  • Rallem Semaj

    I hope the state of Vermont, a sanctuary state, loses its federal funding, because it depends entirely on that money and yet still snubs its nose at the law.

  • uptohere

    Why all the fuss? Just arrest all of them who release illegals for aiding and abetting!

  • Lynn Echlin

    Lock her up, already. Quit blathering and start the process.

  • Susan P

    Let Austin go bankrupt. Then, maybe all those transplanted progressives from CA will return to the land of “fruits and nuts”. Real Texans are NOT progressives.