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Mom Asks Her Baby “How Do You Feel” And Her Reply Has Me In Stitches

Babies are adorable.In a short video, not only does 15-month-old Isa not understand how smart she is, we also see how devoted her mother has been to making sure her little girl grows up to be educated.

The clip was shared by Katibtrfly on YouTube and has inspired many parents to raise the bar on their parenting goals. If this little girl is acting like this and she is only 15-months-old, what will she be able to accomplish what she is 3 or 4? The possibilities are endless.

Right from the beginning of the video, mom looks at her little girl and begins asking her questions. The first one is easy. She asks.

“Hey Isa, how do you feel?”

“Happy,” the baby responds.

But mama was just getting started. She has a lot of questions in store for the little girl and wants to show the world how smart she is.

In the clip, mom asks the baby what sound an elephant makes and what sound a cow makes. As you might have guessed, the little girl gets them both correct. And she did that after mom asked her to balance on one leg. This little girl is full of tricks.

Mom then proceeds to ask the little girl to identify a number of things. The little girl calls out the chair, her own head, ears, nose and even knows what to call her mom and herself.

Mom continues to ask the girl to point to all the parts of her body, and the baby gets them correct.

“Isa, who are you?”
“Baby!” the girl says.

Since this video was published a few years ago, more than 4 million people have tuned in to watch Isa ace all of her mother’s questions. The video has garnered nearly 11,000 likes on YouTube as well. Below we’ll share some of the comments viewers wrote on the video:

“Curious to know how she is now.  She seems to learn things very fast!”

“Wow she’s picked up what mommy says pretty quick. She’s so cute”

“Wow .. this does not cause me more anxiety that my 18-month-old daughter says only mama, papa, mam, and nana hahahahah”

“Great job, not too many moms give to their babies the time they need. If all would just turn the TV off and talk to them and play with them. All, or most of the babies would act like this, my did not have napkins anymore, not even for night. But great job anyway.”

“Knowing that she is hearing a question.  knowing it is to be responded to.  how does the mind when so young do this.  Most beautiful video. mother’s voice and ways lovely.”