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Bystander Sees Her Dancing, Sees Embarrassing Secret Falling Out Of Her Outfit. Hits Record

When you get caught up in the moment after hearing a good song, it is hard to notice what is going on around you. Sometimes you can let loose in the shower, belting out tunes where no one can witness your wild side. Or maybe you get lost in that moment when you are at the club, dancing to your favorite beats, getting so into it you have no idea what is going on around you.

While attending a Busta Rhymes concert at the Tacoma Dome in Washington, Olivia Borghesi happened to capture a memorable moment on film. The clip is brief, but it managed to gain attention from millions of viewers who were laughing right along with Borghesi. While dancing at the concert, she happened to witness a girl’s buttock pads falling out of the back of her skin tight jeans as she was in the middle of the dance. The best part?

The girl had no idea that her butt pads had fallen out and they just flapped here and there as she continued to dance, while Borghesi captured the entire incident on film. She even zoomed in for a good slow motion closeup at one point in the brief 27 second video. It didn’t take long for the video to reach 13.8 million views and soon Borghesi was receiving friend requests from thousands of strangers.

While the majority of commenters found the video to be funny, there were several others who pointed out the cruel factor…

“How about letting her know about the issue instead of embarrassing her?”

“This story raises so many baffled “why” questions about the three main people involved… In increasing order of cringe factor. And why are people like this… mean, stupid. Social media is stultifying the masses to new levels in this western decadence. But most of all I really wonder, why is what the concert-goer did not widely condemned as a privacy intrusion, body shaming, something, anything!? Possibly by the usual twitter warriors.”