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Remy Mocks CNN With ‘Fake News’ Parody. And it’s Hilarious!

Remy can always be counted on to bring a few laughs with his parody videos. He also adds a bit of biting commentary with his comedy.

Just take a look at one of his latest videos:

Trump’s approval numbers have gone to new lows
according to a new poll–and we’re never wrong about those
And is Starbucks’ new cup bringing people to tears
No, but we’ll find two tweets like we do every year

A Hero Is Born! Meet the daring A.G.
who won’t enforce the laws with which she disagrees
Plus, Kim Davis, the mouth-breathing slob
Should we jail public servants who won’t do their jobs?

A World on the Brink! Perils unfurled
as Trump speaks with the most dangerous man in the world
Plus, Mitt Romney’s gaffes just don’t seem to slow
His moronic claim Russia is our biggest foe

A White House in chaos? We give you a peak
at the transcripts we got from a delightful new leak
Plus, Edward Snowden, the traitor abroad
Should leakers be hung like the cowards they are?

The truth of the matter is that CNN actually pushes fake news stories all the time, proudly wearing their double standards. CNN’s even been accused of being fake news in court.