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Image Quiz Is Stumping Most Adults. Can You Find The Bear Before Hunter Is Eaten

Brainteasers have gotten back in style in a huge way as the internet has made them incredibly popular. But for those who have enjoyed doing them for years, this new one might even confuse you.

Asked to find the grizzly bear in this vintage puzzle, users keep saying that it is stumping them. The drawing, which is completed in retro-style, was recently shared on Playbuzz. It shows a man hunting in the snow equipped with a shotgun and a pair of snowshoes.

But little does he know that he is dangerously close to a grizzly bear. And it is your job to spot it before it gets to him.

A Hunting We Will Go with Trapper John

Enter Trapper John, the world’s greatest bear killer. The bears around these parts know him, fear and hate him. They have a pact among bears in this neck of the woods, they say “If you ever see Trapper John, eat him!” So while he thinks he is about to bag one very large Grizzly Bear as his newest trophy, the bears have other plans. Let’s see if you can spot the bear before Trapper John meets his maker.

Can You Find The Hidden Bear and Save Trapper John?

A hunter needs to be very aware of his surroundings. Look! I think he’s been spotted! Oh no! Is this the end?
So did you spot the bear?  If not, hear is the answer.