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WikiLeaks Claim They Only Released 1% Of The CIA Documents They Have

In an incredible revelation, less than one percent of all Wikileaks’ files on the CIA were released in Tuesday’s document dump, they announced.

The group has already indicated that the stolen CIA files – dubbed “Vault 7” would be released in a series over a period of time … presumably to keep the group in the news.

This method of release is similar to the methods they used in publishing stolen emails from the Democratic National Committee and John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, The Daily Caller reports.

The release of thousands of pages of documents showed that the spy agency was able to hack into smartphones, televisions and other electronics to use them as covert microphones for surveillance. They also were investigating hacking into automobile computers for possible assassination attempts, some sources indicate.

The group said it acquired the CIA files after the agency “lost control” of the documents when they were circulated within a 5,000 person network of former government hackers and contractors – one of whom leaked the documents to WikiLeaks, they claim.

The first set of documents were called “Year Zero” by the group. Two of the most significant documents show the CIA’s Apple iOS and Android operating system exploits.

From Wired:

In the iOS documents: the security issues detailed are all given codenames, such as the Elderpiggy, Juggernaut, and Winterspy. Listed in the details are the types of exploit (e.g. API); the types of access the code run (kernel and remote exploits are featured); what version of iOS the flaw works for; descriptions of the issues; and who it was found by (GCHQ, the NSA, and more are featured). Apple has since said the flaws highlighted in the documents had already been fixed in past patches.

For Android, there are details on the name, descriptions, proof-of-concept name; what devices are affected; whether it was purchased from a partner; and the type of issue found.

The documents show that the CIA managed to find previously undisclosed security vulnerabilities in web browsers such as Chrome and Samsung Smart televisions.