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Study Reveals 88% of Major Networks’ Trump Coverage in First Month Was ‘Hostile’

If you keep up with mainstream media, even just a little bit, it is more than obvious that they regularly go after President Donald Trump.

In fact, it is expected that mainstream outlets will use every chance they can to report negatively about Trump. They do it often. They will often lie if they have to.

The Media Research Center recently discovered just how bad the bias is against Trump, and it was shocking.

While most new presidents enjoy a media honeymoon, the center reported, the tone of Trump’s coverage was nearly as hostile as during his presidential campaign, which was 91 percent negative.

It reported that in the first 30 days of Trump’s presidency, analysts determined that the “big three” networks (ABC, NBC and CBS) spent 16 hours covering Trump and his administration, which was just over half (54 percent) of all of the news coverage during this period.

Of that coverage, an overwhelming 88 percent was negative.

Just look:


The agency also discovered that networks filled stories with quotes from citizens who were angry about many of Trump’s policies while not giving an equal amount of airtime to Trump supporters.

To make things worse, reporters often “injected their own anti-Trump editorial tone into the coverage,” the center reported. The agency specifically identified CBS’s Scott Pelly and NBC’s Lester Holt and Hallie Jackson for spinning news negatively against the president instead of just reporting the news of the day.