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“Screamer” Tries to Ruin Trump Rally; Best Crowd Response EVER

This insane screamer went viral -and you can see why.

During a “March 4 Trump” rally in Lake Oswego, Oregon, a woman showed up to interfere with the several hundred people gathered at the pro-President Trump event.

There were several counter-protesters. One person who attended the event told the Independent Journal Review that there were close to 1,000 anti-trump protesters, most of them from Portland.

But it was one young lady who stole the show. She tried to use her amazingly resonant voice to shut down the event. Take a look:

The rally-goers came up with the best reply. They chanted “USA! USA! US!” right back at her, which seemed to confuse her quite a bit.

Then, some just screamed right back at her, which confused her even more. The entire time, she had both her middle fingers pointed to the crowd.

Three of the protesters at the event were arrested for disorderly conduct, KGW is reporting.