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North Korea’s Worst Nightmare Is Sitting on a US Naval Destroyer

Now that it has nuclear weapons, North Korea has been conducting missile tests aimed at scaring both its neighbors and the United States.

The latest tests came Monday. According to the BBC, four missiles were fired by North Korea into the Sea of Japan. Three ended up falling in waters where Japan holds economic rights, leading Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to call it a “new stage of threat.”

The North Koreans are banned from having any kind of missile test by the United Nations, a group which has sure managed to keep the Kim regime under control.

According to The Washington Post, the North Koreans were practicing to hit American bases in Japan with the missile. However, that might not end so well for them: If the Pentagon is right, America has the perfect remedy if the North Koreans try such an action — and the American Navy is ready to put it into effect.

The Washington Examiner reported that after a similar test last month, the Pentagon said that if the missile had any chance of hitting mainland Japan — or any of our allies — American anti-missile technology would be able to shoot it down in plenty of time.

“We maintain abilities to be able to respond quickly and intercept missiles from North Korea if they do pose a threat to us or our allies,” Navy Capt. Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesman, said after the February test.

“We are absolutely confident in the system,” added Chris Johnson, spokesman for the Missile Defense Agency. “Based on our history of testing, we are confident that the system would be able to defend the United States.”

While some have their doubts, the Examiner reported that “the Pentagon insists the once-rudimentary system of radars and interceptors has come of age, after some $180 billion and nearly two decades of development.”

It is clear that the North Koreans under Kim Jong Un have become more dangerous, and the United States has to keep pace. However, if reports are correct, that may be easier than we knew.