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Flashback: Roosevelt Bans “Entire Mohammedan World” From Immigrating to USA

Donald Trump came under fire late last year when he proposed a ban on immigration by foreign aliens – but he is definitely not the first person to do so. In fact, it was done by a sitting president.

A hundred years ago, Muslims were furious over an immigration bill whose origins lay with advocacy by a headstrong and loudmouthed Republican in the White House.

The anti-immigration bill offended the Ottoman Empire, the rotting Caliphate of Islam soon to be defeated at the hands of America and the West, by banning the entry of “all polygamists, or persons who admit their belief in the practice of polygamy.”

This, as was pointed out at the time, would prohibit the entry of the “entire Mohammedan world” into the United States.

And indeed it would.

The battle had begun earlier when President Theodore Roosevelt had declared in his State of the Union address back in 1906 that Congress needed to have the power to “deal radically and efficiently with polygamy.” The Immigration Act of 1907, signed into law by President Theodore Roosevelt, had banned “polygamists, or persons who admit their belief in the practice of polygamy.”

It was the last part that was most significant because it made clear what had only been implied.

The Immigration Act of 1891 had merely banned polygamists. The newest law banned anyone who believed in the practice of polygamy. That group included every faithful believing Muslim.

The left has definitely seemed to have forgotten this piece of legislation when attacking Trump’s credibility. While they’d more than likely relish any chance to attack a Republican – even one from a hundred years ago – it doesn’t serve their goals.