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Terry Bradshaw: You’re “Kicked off the Desk” for Talking About Jesus

It seems that every Sunday when you turn on the NFL, it seems that there less and less talk about actual football.

Enter Terry Bradshaw, who has a more poignant take on the matter:

I do have a problem when people in this country don’t respect our flag and national anthem. All you got to do is look around – this country’s getting worse and worse and more and more immoral and we’re rotting from within.

All great empires die from within. We can’t talk about Jesus. We can’t mention that anymore. So we say ‘I’m religious’ – because if we say Jesus, you automatically are pigeon-holed and kicked off the desk.

You can’t talk about it. The two vice presidential guys are going at it and they are both saying what? ‘We’re religious’. What does that mean – you’re religious? Everybody is religious.