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China Makes Major Moves To Ban Islam

Apparently, China realizes what the West does not, which is that Islam is very dangerous. It is almost ironic that the oppressive nation sees what free nations do not. Islam will turn nasty. It always has and always will. Everywhere the religion has been given an inch, they’ve taken a mile.

So what is China doing? It is declaring an all-out war to make sure Islam does not take over, and never gets the strength to attack them.

Female head-coverings are banned.

Men are discouraged from growing long beards.

Even Islamic restaurants are forced to sell cigarettes and drinks and they must display them prominently. Any business owner who doesn’t follow this order will lose their business completely.

China is not tolerating Islam at all. China sees what is happening to the West. it sees what happened in France, throughout the European world, and even in the United States. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. They see it, and they have decided to thwart any sort of political Islamic plague before it gets out of control.

Maybe one day the West will realize that freedom can’t exist for those that want to take your freedom away.