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After Deer Died, Hunter Went To Break Down The Meat. Leads To One In A Billion Find

A deer hunter has risen to fame after killing a buck with the perfect shot. Unlike other hunters, this buck was not special because of it size or the number of points on its antlers, it is because of the way it died.

The ribcage of the buck is now on display at the Utah Conservation Officers Association. Why? Because the hunter’s arrow had entered the buck and been assimilated onto the side of his ribs.

Check this strange image out now! That critter was running around Utah with a large arrowhead inside his gut.


Via AWM:

When the Utah Conservation Officers Association (UCOA) shared the picture with the arrowhead inside the deer’s ribs, it went viral among the hunting community immediately. Now it is gaining even more traction around the United States and the world.

They shared the following on Facebook just last week.

“Take a close look at this, absolutely amazing! This deer was shot several years prior and when they dressed it out they found this! Someone shot the deer years prior, but it wasn’t a fatal shot. It broke a few ribs and the arrow broke off, the deer’s body used the arrow as a splint and the bone grew around the shaft (notice the Bear Razorhead)!”

More than 52,000 people have shared the image. Thousands have commented.

Because so many people loved the picture and the story behind it, the UCOA decided to hold a contest. They raffled off a pen made from two .308 casings. Here is more about that:

“When we get to 3000 likes on the Utah Conservation Officers Association page we’re going to give away a pretty cool prize to someone that liked this post. It’s a pen made from two .308 casings and a Utah Game Warden Magazine! The pen is SWEET!! and it can Cerakoted in any color you would like, donated by Horn Tactical”

And guess what? They got more than 3000 likes. Now there are more than 38,000. Here was the updated after the raffle winner was chosen.

“We have drawn a winner. Looks like the .308 pen and Utah Game Warden Magazine is headed to Bluegrass State! Please keep liking this page, we plan to do a ton more giveaways and look forward to showing everyone some of the great things Utah Game Warden do every day. And again if you liked that .308 shell casing pen contact Horn Tactical and have them make you one.”

Because the arrow had grown into the deer’s bone structure, this was an amazing find. Although this arrow was not the killing strike, the hunter who did take the deer down eventually has gotten the ribcage mounted.

Apparently, this deer was one tough customer. It took at least two hits to take him down.

One man, Howard Daines, had a similar story:

“Two seasons ago my son Ben got a good shot on a deer in the velvet. Thought he missed, heard the arrow bounce through the brush behind it. Couldn’t find the arrow, no blood. 2 months later I got a nice 3 point opening morning of the rifle hunt. While doing a European mount we found his broken arrow and Broadhead in the poor critter’s skull. Didn’t even realize it was the same deer.”