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University of Texas Ecologist Endorses Elimination of 95% of Humanity

Doctor Eric Pianka, an award-winning professor of evolutionary ecology at the University of Texas at Austin publicly endorsed the use of an airborne strain of the ebola virus to kill off 95 percent of the world’s populating. He suggested that war and famine are not enough to get the job done.

Pianka is one who feels that humanity itself is a virus that plagues the Earth and that we are overpopulated, so most of us should just die.

Painka’s statement, apparently endorsing this means of reducing the global population was part of his acceptance speech for the 2006 Distinguished Texas Scientist Award from the Texas Academy of Science. Despite his claims that his statement was taken ‘out of context’ he was investigated for “Advocating biological terrorism.”

But he isn’t alone.

In 2007, one year after Pianka’s speech, the CDC started the process to obtain a patent on Ebola, which they achieved in 2009.

Enter Bill Gates…who also owns patents on Ebola and Ebola related vaccines. Gates also publicly stated that one way to reduce the world population is through the use of vaccines.

Yes, Gates is another ‘population reduction’ sicko. See the video below.

Of course, Barack Obama has done everything he can to bring Ebola to the US as part of his plan to bring this country down and under control.

One gets the feeling that all of this is is orchestrated. What do you think?

Gates speaks about reducing the population at the end of this video:

Photo: College Of Natural Sciences