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Trump Gets Attacked For Wearing Navy Flight Jacket, But Watch What IMMEDIATELY Happened Next

This past week President Trump toured the USS Gerald Ford and spoke with Navy sailors about creating a larger Navy fleet of ships. But instead of discussing his speech the mainstream media focused on what he was wearing. The President wore a military jacket and admirals cap.

President Trump received tons of criticism during his campaign for dodging serving during the Vietnam War. Now, people are upset at his wearing military apparel considering the fact that he never served. Joy Reid of MSNBC accused the President of playing dress up.

However, it has been failed to be reported that the Navy specifically custom made the jacket and cap for the President in preparation for his arrival. They also forgot that several ex-Presidents wore military apparel even when they never served.

President George W. Bush served in the Texas Air National Guard and he wore personalized military clothes. Bill Clinton famously avoided the draft and wore personalized military clothes as President. A New York Times article from 1992 better describes this presidential tradition,

Supplied by the Air Force, this ultimate symbol of Washington status is available to only the most select clientele: Presidents. It is generally worn on Air Force One, the President’s aircraft, where the chief executive slips it over his dress shirt and telegenic tie for that relaxed-but-still-in-command look.

Presidents (like John F. Kennedy) have worn a similar windbreaker on their yachts or at Camp David, the official retreat in the Catoctin Mountains of Maryland. But that’s the Naval Presidential Windbreaker, not the Air Force Presidential Windbreaker since Camp David is run by the Navy. FASHION: Cut and style can vary, explained Sgt. James Guthrie, a harried Air Force public relations officer, and some Presidents have altered the windbreaker a little. “He’s the Commander in Chief,” Sergeant Guthrie said. “Who’s going to tell him no?”

An Army man, Dwight D. Eisenhower, was the first President known to have an Air Force One Windbreaker.”

Both Republican and Democratic presidents have worn the apparel and they have both served overseas and not.