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New DNC Head Goes After Trump on Twitter, But It Backfires Spectacularly When Even Democrats Torch Him for It

After former Secretary of Labor Tom Perez’s election on Saturday as chairman of the Democratic National Committee, President Trump tweeted a “congratulatory” message. Perez fired back. But the whole thing didn’t quite turn out as he envisioned.

Trump’s tweet was masterful in its sarcasm, even confusing a Democrat or two:

Perez clearly got the sarcasm, as demonstrated by his response:

While Perez seemingly believed he “one-upped” Trump, things quickly went out of control, as Democrats – especially those who felt he had a hand in Bernie’s primary demise – fired back over his claim of party unity.

To this Democrat, Perez’s election was the final straw:

It didn’t get any better, as Democrat after Democrat weighed in: