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Tim Tebow Dismisses Media: ‘I Don’t Care What They Write About Me’

He is back. Former NFL QB and minor league Mets player Tim Tebow returned to the limelight again, this time answering critics who have written things, such as he is a “farce,” a “joke,” an “embarrassment to baseball: “I don’t care what they write about me.”

“I don’t care what they write about me,” Tim Tebow said to ESPN’s Marty Smith. “And they’ve written a lot of things over the last 15 years about me: some good, some not good, some just because they want to sell papers. I don’t necessarily care.”

According to ESPN, as of Jan. 11, “[t]he Mets released their spring training major league camp invites, and Tebow was not included. However, Alderson indicated that Tebow will participate in some of the team’s Grapefruit League games on loan from minor league camp.”

Now, it’s Feb. 27, and “Tebow is expected to hold a spring training introductory news conference when he arrives in Port St. Lucie, Florida, for minor league camp with the Mets,” reports ESPN.

ESPN reporter Marty Smith caught up with the athlete (Tebow) to ask him some pointed questions about his baseball career. The transcript of their conversation is below:

Smith: “Why baseball?”

Tebow: “When I was four, five, six years old it was my first love, the first thing that I fell in love with. And I thought— most of my life I thought that I was going to pursue baseball as a profession.

“Second hardest decision of my life: I remember sitting on the edge of my bed crying over it, deciding what I was going to do, and I ended up choosing football. And I don’t regret that.

“But I do believe in pursuing passions and what’s on your heart, and this is something that I’m passionate about.”

Smith: “What’s it say about you that you’re even given the opportunity as a 29-year-old man who hasn’t played baseball in a decade?”

Tebow: “There’s certain things in life that we love, and we have chances to pursue ‘em. But a lot of time[s] the fear of the unknown, the fear of failure gets in the way.

“I don’t want that fear to creep in. I want the unknown to creep in. I want to be someone that— I pursue whatever is on my heart with everything I have, and if I fall flat on my face, well then guess what, I’m going to get right back up.”

Smith: “I’ve read that you’re a farce. I’ve read that you’re a joke. I’ve read that you’re an embarrassment – not only to yourself but to the game of baseball.”

Tebow: “The first thing is, I’m so thankful that I don’t have to read it. I don’t have to listen to it. I don’t have to live the rollercoaster that the rest of the world lives of my life.

“I don’t care what they write about me. And they’ve written a lot of things over the last 15 years about me: some good, some not good, some just because they want to sell papers. I don’t necessarily care.

“At the end of the day, I want to pursue my passion because I believe when you’re pursuing what’s on your heart, when you’re pursuing what you’re convicted by, then I don’t have to live with regret 10-15-20 years from now, looking back saying, ‘What if? What if I would have tried that?’

Smith: “What are other big leaguers saying?”

Daniel Murphy: “This isn’t like, a joke. This isn’t a publicity stunt. This is seriously. Like, they’re giving you a job, and when they give you a job, it’s at-bats that someone else is not getting.”

Smith: “Why not pursue another position in football than quarterback?”

Tebow: “Well, I’ve had a lot of opportunities. I still have opportunities. We still have teams call and say, ‘Would you like to play tight end, would you like to play running back, would you like to play h-back?’ You know, ‘We’ll get the ball in your hands, and you can be dynamic with it.’

“And would that be exciting? Would that be fun? Absolutely. There are pieces of that that— I love the game of football.

“But at the same time, that’s not my passion. That’s never where my heart was. And the biggest reason I love the game of football is because when we were down six with two minutes to go, and I was standing in that huddle, the other 10 guys would look at me and they would be depending on me to get the job done. And that’s what I loved the most.

“And now that’s not what I get to pursue, then I want to go do something that is challenging, that I love, and that my heart’s been in since I was a four-year-old boy. And that’s pursuing the game of baseball.”