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“Sanctuary City” Mayors and Sheriffs Are Going to PRISON! Here’s The Epic Plan!

Sanctuary cities are a dangerous idea. They allow illegal immigrants to live in cities with no consequence. There is a reason we have these laws in place. it is not that we as American’s don’t respect immigrants, but we do have a problem with illegals.

Illegals negative impact society. They use resources that others could benefit from. Texas has one of the largest issues in the nation, and Governor Abbott is fed up.

A bill passed by the Texas Senate allows Abbott to not only remove state funds from sanctuary cities, but he can also prosecute public officials fully. The governor of Texas fully expects the legislation to become an enforceable law in the next few months.

Abbott says, “This has passed out of the Senate, we look to have it pass out of the House. I will be signing an anti-sanctuary city law into law in the State of Texas here in the coming months. Texas is going to come down hard on any city, any county, any public official that adopts a sanctuary city policy.”

“If you have a public official, including a sheriff, who continues to adopt sanctuary city policies after this ban goes into place, they could be criminally prosecuted and themselves wind up in jail. The place they are releasing dangerous criminals from,” Governor Abbott said during an interview with Fox News.