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California Gov. Jerry Brown Raises Gas Tax by 42% to Cover Public Pension Insolvency

Faced with the failure of the state’s part to pay out pensions to public servants, California Governor Jerry Brown opted to raise taxes. The targets this time are gas and vehicle registration, which are expected to go up by 42% and 141% respectively. This comes after 9 years of taxes going up by 50% in the states, it is clear that this will do nothing but upset Californians even more as they are penalized for Sacramento’s inability to get their crap together.

“Democrat governors have been regularly spiking gas taxes and vehicle registration fees for decades. But 12 years ago, Democrat Gov. Gray Davis was recalled by voters after he pushed the state legislature to pass a vehicle registration fee increase from $46 to $158.

The legislature cancelled the increase and Democrats have avoided gas and vehicle increases since. When the Assembly tried to revive a gasoline tax last year, the issue was dropped after polls showed 63 percent voter opposed any increase.

Republican governor Arnold Schwarzenegger destroyed his popularity by pushing through the Proposition 1-A high-speed rail initiative in 2008 that added about 11 cents a gallon to the price of gasoline — for a project now referred to by Bloomberg News as a “fiasco.”

Gov. Brown’s willingness to try raising gasoline taxes by 17 cents a gallon, and on vehicle registration fees by $65, is a sign of the insolvency risk from the exploding cost of California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) public  pensions. Brown’s draft 2017-2018 budget already includes a $524 million increase for the public pension contribution. That amounts to an 11 percent increase over this year’s $5.3 billion cost.”


  • JCHPSU77

    Yes! Raise taxes in Mexifornia until the last white Republican private sector taxpayers leaves the state.

    Then watch the illegals, blacks, union “hacks”, Democrat “gubment” workers, EBT/SNAP/WIC/welfare and SEC 8ers tax each other.

    Pass the popcorn……………..This looks like pre Venezuela.

    • Jeff Johnson

      Why should we have to leave the state just because liberals mishandled everything? They should leave so we can fix everything.

      • abag

        Because to many sheep in the state to make a change! Dems are killing the state!

      • Lois Shea

        I don’t think s/he meant that you should…. I read it as you would..

      • fatbandit

        It’s not that you have to leave the State, it’s that little by little you will be ground down until you want to leave the State.

        • BC

          If they have money to leave at that point

      • Sons of Liberty

        Well, it might be a good investment to pull up stakes and move your businesses (for those who own one) to a nearby right to work state like Arizona.

      • JCHPSU77

        They breed while you work.

        The welfare state is their “daddy”.

        It’s over…………….Pass the popcorn.

      • William Clapp

        None of the other states want them except maybe Oregon or Washington. Too expensive to bus them to the East Coast. I guess the only place left for them is Canada or Mexico.

        • Christine Mud

          I sure as hell don`t want them here .

        • carol snyder

          Most of the East coast doesn’t want them either

      • John Steele

        they’re NOT going to.. We must leave and let the crap fall and watch it look like Venezuela.. real soon..

      • Joseph Hurley

        Please provide me with an instance where you fixed anything? I’ll wait.

        • Jeff Johnson

          Sadly Conservatives have not been given a chance in this state as liberals have been in control too long. Tell you what, if all liberals were to put Conservatives in charge next time and let them handle things you will see how things change.

      • Gail

        Don’t send them to my state!

      • SOF2700

        Good luck with that one! I don’t see it happening unless a super-quake devastates the liberal establishment beyond repair.

        • Jeff Johnson

          Well Calexit might do it. Because the US controls water rights from out of the state into the state, the water supply to so cal would be cut off. Since no cal might not want to part with water too easily, the rationing in the southern part would mean far less than the liberal elites enjoy. They will either escape to their second, third or fourth homes in other states (if they are permitted to leave) or head for the liberal fortress of doom known as Frisco. Leaving all the people In the south to fend for themselves. Knowing ca-libs the way I do, once they are settled in the north they will then use their power once again to stop all water going to the southern part in hopes of killing off the masses. This will cause an attempted migration to the north which will then cause the no-libs to vote to break the state again into northern and southern parts. The possible out come might be the US accepting the south back only if we promise to take out the north and make the state whole again, if so then Trump would arm us and once we have wiped out or imprisoned all the libs for treason then we as a whole state will be a part of the whole United States again, shunning liberal Democrats as the Germans shunned the Nazis forever.

      • Helen Tunkel

        Good luck !!! It’s One Party State today !!! Totally Socialists party State !!! And you are dreaming of fixing it ?!? Try to change Communist Russia ?!? I do like to see you succeed!!! Honestly !!!:)

      • james

        You’re correct, and I admire your spunk. But truth be told if you sold, who would want to buy unless at a drastically reduced price? Your State is beyond repair at this point, unless you declare bankruptcy on the unfunded liabilities and give all the worthless government employees what they deserve….nothing! They were the ones that created this by selling their vote to a political party for future considerations.

    • Don & Cristina Smith

      If the dems keep this up they can look like another place completely destroyed by democrap administrations, Detroit.

    • Jackie Craig

      You are more rite than you think hard working conservative Californians are planning their escape from this over taxed liberal Hell. I know I am.

    • Donald Trump

      Don’t leave.. we like you minorities

      • JCHPSU77

        Left 15 years ago.

        Try to tax me now, California!!!!

        LA/ San Diego: Baja Norte

        • William Clapp

          Me too, San Diego to Las Vegas. 2005

    • Andrew Lazarus

      You don’t really have much idea what drives the CA economy, do you?

      • JCHPSU77

        Lives in San Diego, Encinitas, La Jolla for 20 years.

        This is how California works.

        Whites work and pay taxes. 13 million Illegals breed and collect EBT/SNAP/WIC/welfare/SEC 9, and vote Democrat.

        Atlas has Shrugged.
        I am John Galt.
        Left 15 years ago.
        Try to tax me now, commie lib “redistributin da wealth” Obama POS Democrat!

        • Andrew Lazarus

          We don’t miss your racist ass much. Illegals can’t collect those programs, and they can’t vote. And there aren’t 13 million illegals in the entire country, much less California. (Your number would make more than 1 of every 3 Californians an illegal.) What you meant to say was US citizens of Hispanic origin.

          • JCHPSU77

            Nope………….Huge amounts of illegals, with MILLIONS more coming for Brown’s California welfare state freebies.

            California: Baja Norte

            Hopeless………….LIke Detroit, Chicago, East St. Louis, Compton, Ferguson, etc.

            Not a white Republican around for miles to blame.

            Atlas has Shrugged.

          • Andrew Lazarus

            You are the sort of shit for brains who believed every ridiculous story about Jews he read in Der Sturmer. The idea that one in every three Californians is on the run from La Migra is absurd on its face. Just saying “Nope” doesn’t make it more plausible.

            This hopeless state is having another economic boom. Kansas, or wherever you fled, no. Even Nevada’s economy is weaker.

          • Jeff Johnson

            He cannot be racist because illegal is not a race.

          • Andrew Lazarus

            Rubbish. He is a racist because his numbers make sense only if you label all CA Hispanics as illegals.

          • birdbrain2

            Andrew you say illegals cannot collect those programs. Go to your local welfare office and then tell me they cannot collect them programs. Just like you do not have to have ID to vote. Or go to the DMV and get a drivers licence. So give us all a break Andrew and know the facts before you insert foot in the mouth. You Andrew need to go get that free education and make sure it is English as your first language. You Sir are a true liberal.

          • Andrew Lazarus

            Bird brain is apt.

  • brucethedrummer

    Go for it commiefornia. Just dont ask for a bail out

    • fyrefingers1956

      Bruce, that is one I had not heard before. I’m quite familiar with “Califonicatia” but up north, here in Northern Californicatia, at one time a while back, we were calling them “dustbutts”, there were so many crawling under the gate at the border with what once was Oregon.

      • April

        Oregon is following in Cali’s footsteps sadly 🙁

    • jwood1952

      I’ve lived in Ca. for 40+ years. A Reagan Conservative for sure. I’ve moved as far away from the Dems as I could. Next stop Nevada. don’t bail out Ca.

      • Sons of Liberty

        Or Arizona…you can’t quite trust a state that would put Harry “Stinky” Reid in office like Nevada.

  • http://www.drudgereport.com/ CT

    At some point the Laffer Curve kicks in. I could see more people purchasing Volts and Teslas – especially when the more affordable Model 3 comes out.

    In retaliation, (because that’s really what taxation is), the State will raise electricity prices, which will cause homeowners to get more solar panels, which will make the State reduce subsidies and raise taxes on the panels, and the service to install them.

    It never ends! And these guys want to be their own country. Awesome…

    • Xander Carey

      My God. I hadn’t heard anyone pull out the Laffer Curve in years…. Touche’ and Cheers ! 🙂

    • zcactus2

      CT the problem is exactly the way you stated “It never ends” so how to end it STOP voting Democrat!!

  • Kimberly

    I’m just confused as to why any honest, tax paying, freedom loving American would even want to stay their. Funding for citizens to attend school is being cut, so that illegals can go to school. Your cities are inviting the criminal element in, and now your taxes are going up. As much as it may be fun to poke and say “you did this to yourself” I can’t help but worry about the few good citizens that will suffer. All I can say is… get out while you can and find a life somewhere better

  • andre

    California was fantastic back in the 1970’s and 80’s, what happened in the 1990’s is pure sadness. WHen i graduated from High school in Sacramento in 1982, I got an outstanding education and you could afford to raise a family on one persons wages. Now, only the rich can live there and its all about the immigrants and not the real tax paying people.

    • Mat

      Democrats and liberals took control. That’s what happened

  • George

    I was born in California in 1947 and lived there until 1980. I was assigned to duty in Florida in 1980 and made it a point that I would never go back to California. California is nothing more than a free loader state. They take money from the hard working people and DC and give it all away to illegals and those that will not work because they feel they are entitled to it. As I remember every time Brown has been in office everything goes to hell, for example look at the problem they are now having with the dame that’s money for repairs was sidetracked. I feel sorry for the working people that live there.

    • Don Stanley

      Your mistaken about the Mexicans being lazy, is totally wrong. All they want to do is too work. They really don’t give much of anything to the illegals. But it’s good bull shit for the Republicans to throw around. You have obviously never meet any Mexican illegals or otherwise. You also don’t understand budgets, various different funded programs. The aliens, was previously funded totally separate from the infrastructure budget. Unfortunately they had different ideas as what should have had priority.

      • George

        I worked in construction for 18 years working around them. I have walked into unfinished bathrooms without running water and had to leave because someone was sitting on the crapper taking a dump. They have come to work with clothes so dirty from days without washing they could stand by themselves.

      • ottjcmo
      • Sons of Liberty

        There are those who want to work, that is true. But, during my 25 years with the Border Patrol, I can tell you that 1 out of every 4 we arrested (our agency arrested and removed over one million per year) has a criminal record (ranging from minor to major) in the U.S. from a previous entry. And we were normally unable to determine what their record was on their native soil (exceptions would be if the person was wanted badly by the home country, or the person has gone international with Interpol). We’re not just getting Jose’ the field worker, or Juan the nail-pounder. We’re getting gang pukes, cartel members, pedophiles, rapists…everything you can think of. Which is why our jails and prisons are full of non- U.S. citizens.

        • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

          A deported felon should have a ‘shoot on sight’ poster on him.

      • Jeff Johnson

        Actually it goes to the general methods of appropriating money for projects, case in point much of the money federally funded by Obama to handle infrastructure repairs was misallocated by Brown towards support for illegal aliens (hence the Oroville dam disaster; money meant to fix it used instead for other “federally mandated” concerns [illegals]). There may have been a snarky wink wink approval from liberal idiots in both the California and federal administrations that permitted this but the adults are now in control and such mismanagement will not be tolerated (Brown seeks funding to repair dam, Feds now not so sure he will get it LOL!)

      • JCHPSU77

        They breed, while white Republicans pay taxes.

        Why any white Republican private sector taxpayer in still in “Baja Norte” is beyond me.

      • BC

        hmm, they get college scholarships, free education, free medical, free breakfast/lunches at those schools. Maybe you should check out how much of your tax dollars are being spent on those things.

        Oh yeah, and the governor out there is looking to sign a bill to give them 25 million more in college scholarships which will be taken from California Citizens.

        Don’t think they don’t ‘get much’

      • Scott Pam

        Smoke too much CNN?

    • Sons of Liberty

      You left during Moonbeam’s first tenure as governor. He screwed the state up long ago and the morons in the state recycled him.

    • Randy

      CA pays more to feds than it gets back so not exactly a freeloader state. Carry on now hating every white person in CA. I’ll get out of the way.

      • Mat

        Randy, CA OWES more than paying. They owe the feds over $10 billion. CA is a freeloader state and now they ask for more money. Tell me again how CA is NOT a freeloader state?

        • Andrew Lazarus

          Show your math and we can point out your error.

    • Andrew Lazarus

      We pay much more in taxes to the Feds than we get back. Other than Texas, the big red states are the opposite.

      • birdbrain2

        You Andrew must be in love with Pelosi, Feinstein and Waters because you say stupid stuff just like them.

  • Louise Mitchell

    My sister got out but I don’t think she got into a better state Washington

    • MrK40

      Probably not. She just feed all the previous California escapees. The escapees ruined Washington and Oregon because they couldn’t give up the liberal thought.

    • Shellie Rusinko

      Washington is following in Cali’s footsteps. I’m about ready to leave Washington. Gov here just jacked up tabs by 3x’s what they were for a large part of the state to pay for Seattle’s crap. Wanting to make this a ‘sanctuary’ state. Doesn’t matter what we want, so yep…we are beginning to look for more sane place to live.

      • FEDUP

        That’s why Eastern Washington wants their own state….

        • Sons of Liberty

          Yup! Huge difference in the people of Spokane and the people of Seattle.

          • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

            Walla Walla too.

  • cuate87

    If California secedes from the US, where wll they get the money to support their economy and welfare system. In time, they will look just like Mexico.

    • frankbuzolits

      They already look like Mexico

      • Sons of Liberty

        Then, where will the illegal aliens go when California joins Mexico? I guess we’ll have to build that high wall along the banks of the Colorado River.

        • Jeff Johnson

          They will illegally immigrate to Nevada and Arizona from California. (If they are not run out on a rail along with the libiots by the conservatives who stayed that is).

    • disqus_v3SHzvCspj

      IMHO the very week California secedes, Mexico will annex it. They have a military too and they will invade Sacramento, seal it off, and make it a territory. And there is nothing we can do about it.

  • Linda

    They pretty much deserve any/every thing they get. They keep voting in those crooks like brown, pelosi, feinstein, etc…if they want a better life, they should either leave or vote responsibly!

  • puparoo

    Stop funding the “undocumented” residents.

    • CHUCKIE2

      That’s only part of it. Just before Brown was up for reelection he gave the Corrections Officers Union the largest pay boost in history, promised to hire 2,000 more officers and increased their pension benefits all knowing that there was no money to pay for it!….all for votes. Democrats voted him in..THEY OWN HIM!!

      • Sons of Liberty

        And he subsequently began releasing convicted felons because of lack of funding. Go figure…

  • frankbuzolits

    Problem is that a lot a people are leaving the state because of costs and are now corrupting states like Washington, Colorado and Nevada. Legalize marijuana in CO. Really? And Seattle is contaminated by Microsoft techies as bad as Silicone Valley techies do to CA.

  • Andy Miller III

    They lost federal sponsorship due to sanctuary cities, and they are taking it out on us.

    • Xander Carey

      I didn’t realize that they had already lost federal funding

  • Phil Dambach

    I was born in LA in 1952 and lived in SoCal till 2004, left and went to Idaho. I left my family down there due to another issue that involved my wife’s family. So now that I’ve been here for a while I only go back to visit. I keep reading about all the mess the Brown family is causing that it doesn’t surprise me. all you have to do is look at Oakland and the rest of the state is going in the same direction. The funny thing I saw was that Oregon is going in the same direction, which I would like to ask if the Governor is related, since she has the same last name as Gov. Moonbeam. And now with the taxes going up its a good thing my pickup holds a 150 gallons of fuel, I can fill up outside the state and not have to pay the high price for fuel.

  • Rosalie Napoli Noonan

    Impeach, fire, imprision, exile,cast away, jerrry brown, we native Californians did not vote for him, we cannot afford him nor the socialiist govorment he prromotes, send him to N.Koreaa, Russia, Chinia anywhere but as far from here as pssable and take his Hollywood types with him.


  • Sara Tofanelli

    Reduce the pay for the people on the $200,00 club. Bruce V Malkenhorst, retired from the upper management with City of Vernon in 2005, making $551,688.00 per year in PERS retirement. There are total of about 25 people raping the system because they gave themselves an excessive pay raise prior to retirement. As far as I am concerned they are criminals and so are the City Managers that allowed it.

    • Damon Rivetti


      • Sara Tofanelli

        It is…. It’s criminal! – Your retirement is based on the last year highest salary. They purposely gave themselves an excessive pay raise the last year of employment prior to retirement. 98% of PERS retirees get a regular old salary. I retired from a City after 35 years, I get $3,000 per month. That is a normal retirement check. This Malkenhorst thief is making $46,000.00 per month. RIP OFF of public funds!

  • Damon Rivetti

    Still cant believe that idiot got re-elected. Unfortunately, the 18-35 yr old bracket is too young to remember Moonbeam screwing our state the first time.
    1.8 billion accounting mistake, BILLIONS of water diverted into the ocean instead of being properly stored. Desalination plants abandoned all over the coast.
    BILLIONS wasted on his choo choo while our infastructure is in shambles.
    Their pensions are guaranteed 7.5% return and the market barely returned 1.5%.
    Brown is a hack and needs to be removed inmediately

    • Sons of Liberty

      Yep! From 1975-83, he ruined everything Governor Reagan accomplished in the state.

  • Joe Ovelman

    this is what the Libs think work in progress is. and by the way did you ever ask the question why so many rich Hollywood elites and high paid ball players build there big homes in other states, Tiger Woods moved a few years back from Ca. to Fl. in a bigger home on a larger property and saved $6,000,000 a year in property Taxes alone. Gee and the state is going broke.Must be a lot of freeloaders, or as the rest of the country call’s it Illegal Immigrants on welfare.

  • Mountain Queen

    Screw the pensioners. Most state employees were worthless when they were employed by the state.

    • Lauralyn Kontis

      You unfortunately are including teachers and all their support personnel in your condemnation of public employees. Someone has to attempt to save the children from the faults of their parents. I got my teaching credential when the state was better. As soon as I can retire, I am going to take my pension and leave the state. They are going to have to find the money to pay my pension but I am going to spend it in a better state.

      • Mountain Queen

        Teachers included. They are one of the most offensive that suck off the government teat.

        • Connie Bellue

          We pay taxes, shop, spend our money in this lousy State like everyone else. You think we just dropped out of the sky, took the money and pensions and disappeared? No State employee sucks off the government teat! You need to shut the hell up and do some research instead of shooting your mouth off!

          • William Clapp

            Isn’t it time for afternoon prayers to Moonbeam?

          • Connie Bellue


      • William Clapp

        Teachers and their unions are the leaders of financial support for the lunacy. Pathetic excuse for educators.

    • Connie Bellue

      Wee you employed by the State? If you weren’t then shut up. What would you do without those employees? Who would school your kids, issue you your licenses? Make sure that your doctors and medical personnel were properly educated and licensed, it goes on and on. The problem is not the employees, it is all the lawmakers that are voted in. All they do is spend, spend, and spend some more. I worked for the State and I put into my own pension just like the rest of the State employees. And they are invested. When paid out the investments proceeds are included. That is done in bargaining.The bureaucrats would love for everyone to think we never paid into our pensions. Anyone that gets any kind of pension from any type of employment most likely put into it. I guess all of you that don’t know how to really think expect the State to not pay employees wages or benefits. But, afforded the same opportunity you would sure take it and would not like people like yourself!

      • William Clapp

        Nothing like a state employee defending herself: Education, how’s your drop out rate? How is your literacy rate? DMV: Need I say anything? Doctors and Hospitals under the ACA: No comment!

        • Connie Bellue

          Nothing is perfect, but not all are idiots, of which, if you weren’t one then you would know that!.

  • bill

    You can’t pay trash collectors 100 grand a year with a pension and expect anything less then this. They love it though Moonbeam has been elected and reelected 3 times? It does make for great reading on what this guy gets away with out there. Any other state and Mooner would have been strung up long ago.

  • William P. Cushing

    And all we hear out of numbnuts like Brown are how “evil” and “greedy” the oil companies are (for working on a 10 per cent profit margin)

  • Neal Schultz

    Time to get our Grey Davis slickers on to wade through the corruption. No Taxation Without Representation.

  • Dieter Donnert

    Calixit NOW!

  • Mark G. Aguas

    So glad I left California. Living in North Carolina has given me reason to LIVE!!

  • Localmotionxiii

    Stop funding sanctuary cities and illegal aliens . Governor Broke ASS Brown

  • Louise Pugh……

    Just like the Feds put more taxs on trans. so you can robb it for something that’s not even related. Then when your roads and bridges etc wear out (more) what will you tax then to pay for that. It almost sounds to me that whoever handles the money needs to be delt with in the towne square. My husband says they breed these ppl special.

  • Bobbie Funderburk

    California is the 8th worlds largest economy by its self. A successful business. If your business was 8th most successful business in California. Wouldn’t you be imbarrised to say all of our offices are broke? Where in the he’ll is all our money going? They should be handing out state rebates! Much less raising taxes or multi-taxiing product. President Trump may step in on this.

  • http://www.RiderRants.BlogSpot.com Richard Rider

    California has by far the highest state income tax rate. We have the highest capital gains tax (indeed, second highest in the WORLD!). Our corporate state income tax is the highest west of Iowa — our economic competitors.

    In addition, CA has the highest statewide sales tax. Our homeowner median property tax bill is 93% higher than the average for the other 49 states. Our CA total gasoline taxes are essentially tied with Pennsylvania as the highest in the nation. Our motor vehicle registration fees are higher than average. Our traffic tickets are literally TRIPLE the average of the other 49 states.

    And yet our CA highway system is rated ninth worst in the nation.

    • Sons of Liberty

      And the California education system has gone from a 17th ranking in 1970 to hovering between 45-47 currently. Of course, the demographic coming from south of California hasn’t helped out much in that regard.

  • Donald Trump

    Site your source? Fake news?

  • Carl Lollar Jr.

    Moonbeam doesn’t have to worry, he is set for life. Maybe we should invite ourselves to his house for a B.B.Q. to get something for all this money that we are sending to the state coffers to support the inept legislation.

  • Curt Ramon

    Arizona needs to build a wall to keep those fleeing out!!!

  • Edmund Monaghan

    For the people in California who are moving out of state, because of the way the Democrats have screwed the taxpayers. From the state pensions they have to payout. My recommendation , is to stay the hell out of Illinois. The Democrats over here, have screwed up the Chicagos pesions over here like they did in California. The pension funds were suppose to be left alone and to only be used to pay pensions to civil workers and Chicago teachers. .
    Well the crooked Democrats over here. Got a hold of the pension funds and spent it elsewhere. Now the state is billions of dollars in debt. From misappropriation of pension funds, tollway funds from the taxpayers.
    The corporate taxes over here are so high that corporations and manufacturing companies are moving out of state. Their is more people moving out of this state, than there is people moving into Illinois.
    So if you’re planning on coming over here. I’d stay the hell out of here.

  • Jack

    I say let them raise all the taxes they want. Use California as a democratic example of what happens when democrats rule a state. Democrats will be begging for Republicans to come and fix the problem then.

  • Dave Ghen

    The combination of years of democratic government and JFK’s public sector unions are a recipe for destruction. Why would any thinking person want democratic governors or mayors. They destroy states and cities.

  • GaryL

    As yet no one of whom I’m aware has fully dissected the elements of their
    pension funds’ CAFRs to establish precisely where the BILLIONS of
    dollars of Wall Street investments are languishing.

  • Frederick C. Birchmore Sr

    Those who benefit from taxation will always vote for more taxation, especially if they are themselves nontaxpayers. Ben Franklinish quote.

  • Les Dodat

    I knew Brown and the Dims would screw the little guy Higher Gas prices hurt the working poor. Each county has its own gas blend dictated by the Kommiefornia EPA which is a cost. Next will be DMV raising prices all to fund Corrupt UNIONS which launder the money back to the Dims. CALTRANS is another UNION Corruption. I saw on the Tee Vee that one 30 foot washed out section of road was estimated by CALTRANS to cost 1.2 Mill. Anyone who has done road work Knows that could be fixed for a couple $100k. But CALTRANS and big UNION contractors like Teichert will milk it for all its worth then retire early fat and sassy. http://www.dot.ca.gov/hq/asc/oap/payments/public/ctors.htm#T

  • Christopher Mcfadden

    This is CRIMINAL. The THIEVES in Sacramento are the ones who should have their PAY SUSPENDED for failing to do their job and work on a budget until such time that the problem is fixed. Stinking POLITICIANS ARE THIEVES and COMMUNISTS – EVERYONE OF THEM IN THE REPUBLIC OF CALIFORNIA.

  • Sick of Libs

    Never even occurs to the “government elites” that BLOATED PENSIONS might just be the problem!

  • Jim

    What does Moonbeam care? He’s not running for reelection. And when the pension system collapses maybe a Republican will be in charge and get the blame?
    Don’t pass it off on democraps to do something like that, or demand federal government bail them out or they’ll join mexico

  • FL_Patriot

    AS FDR knew, Public Sector Unions was a bad idea. So here is proof.

  • Motorgirl

    The great exodus is occurring hard working people are tired of paying for those who do not

  • tj826

    I left California in 2004. But, if that shithead Jerry Brown causes me to not get paid then his ass is grass and I am the lawn mower. If i do not get paid I lose my house. That is nearing being paid off.

  • provguard

    Lousy worthless idiot! Take that hi speed train and cram it down the Austrian dipshit’s throat!!!! Brown save the money and dump the high speed rail!!!

  • Chery

    Fake news,not true.

  • mlsstocks

    2-1-2017 (0640) Democratic socialist extreme hypocrisy on full display as they commit the crimes against humanity that they claim would occur if a non-democratic socialist gets elected/appointed to a high political position. Got Mental Illness? ~Michael Slavin Sr.~

    We are quite possibly seeing the end of the democratic party as far as political power goes.

    We’ve already witnessed NObamas cancerous two-terms cost their party 1000 democratic positions from the lowest city council member all the way up to the equally cancerous hildabeast.

    I for one am not surprised because “this is who they truly are.”

    Their true characters and mentally challenged personalities are on display for everyone to see.

    Like an infant whom does not get her/his way etc., they cannot control themselves.

    I have myriad friends whom identified as blue collar democrats for 40+ years, they are absolutely horrified and mortified by the emotionally driven, george soros funded riots.

    I have been predicting since the historically significant election of President Trump that the democratic party would be set back “at least” 25 years. Now with the rabid displays that are truly psychotic in nature, I believe I will raise that to…..50+ years.

    The irony is that they are the party that bemoans the calamitous conditions and/or Armageddon that will befall the country, the earth and the people “IF” a republican ascends to this office or that.

    Yet, it is they who are the real threats to Liberty and Freedom.

    It is democrats who are attacking people who are simply exercising their free speech.

    It is democrats who are destroying public and private property.

    It is democrats who are the anarchists that cannot accept others for who they are, UNLESS they are akin to them.

    It is democrats whom infest the lame stream propaganda spewing reelection arm of the DNC media who are in collusion with their democratic socialist politicians to both mislead those whom make up their mostly mindless base and spew their agenda driven narrative regardless if contains nary an iota of truthful information.

    It is democrats who make up the WOEFULLY OUT OF TOUCH “hollyWEIRD” narcissistic elitists, whom continually make fun of those whom both hail from middle American/rust belt who cling to their Bibles and guns and supported President Trump.

    It is democrats who cannot accept election results as put forth by our intelligent and visionary founding fathers as a Republic.

    It is democrats who are not condemning the crimes and violence being perpetrated by their “hired guns” and mindless minions.

    And the ‘leaders’ of the democratic socialist party?

    NOTHING but crickets………

    Where are you Chuck “crocodile tears” Schumer? Where are you Elizabeth “Lie-awatha” Warren? Where are you Nancy “moonbat” Pelosi?

    Imagine if you will the Kabuki Theater righteous indignation that would be on full display on every form of media 24/7-365 being spewed from the left had this been violence and crimes committed by conservatives/republicans.

    OH, when was the last time that happened? Even I, in my 54 years on the planet cannot recall when it ever had…I could be wrong.

    Look in the mirror democratic socialist…..the image staring back at you is that which you say is a threat to a just and civil society.

    You own it, lock, stock and barrel.

  • jlbhouston

    Blame it on the Hollywoods who seem to have all the influence there. What a shame to mess up such a beautiful state.

  • Susanne

    I, unfortunately live in California, and I just filled up my Camry, yesterday, which wasn’t even completely on empty, still had a little less then 1/3 tank of gas and I paid $42.00. I drive 24.8 miles one way to work and 24.8 miles back. If this happens I won’t even be able to afford to go to work !!! This Liberal State is being destroyed by Liberals. People here need to start paying attention and watching how they keep getting richer and richer and we keep getting poorer and poorer!!! VOTE LIBERALS OUT OF OFFICE !!!

  • James Mccall

    I don’t give a damn. I don’t live there and Brown can raise it 400% for all I care. I don’t drive my semi into that state anymore with all they’re bullshit anti trucking regulations.

  • GarandFan

    This is the only answer Democrats know. Raise taxes. God forbid we CUT spending!

  • Easy Ed

    Give the Ca. public employees union the responsibility of managing their retirement. They voted the union in make them responsible. Cut public employees by half and put bids out for everything except fire and police. Charter schools with vouchers are here.

  • AnthonyMelissa Lucero

    $413 to renew my god damn tags!?!?!?!?! Are you fucking kidding me Brown!? If anybody needs to be impeached it’s you!

  • james

    No solutions Moon Beam? 200 Billion shortfall and only band-aids. This can only get worse California!

  • SuperiorToLibs

    My god I hate this communist mothers—ker. He needs to drop dead already.

  • Shientienchi G

    Can’t the US just kick out California?

  • Steve Gribble

    Nothing is going to change until California’s rise up and return that state to conservatism. Until then, it’s a goner, bankrupt, defunct, ruined. It ain’t coming back! It’s done! Once Democrat always Democrat until a complete uprising.

  • rtry9a

    Bad decisions have consequences- someone always has to pay the piper eventually, something Democrats seem to be blind to.

  • Terry Rose

    Do not allow the oligarchs to leave the country. They have bought property in United Emirates and Saudi Arabia etc. to escape prosecution. Follow the money and you will find the criminals.

  • Shelly A Wainwright

    This man needs to go what people were thinking electing him in the first place is totally beyond me

  • Hans Gunn

    Honestly. This tragedy is almost fun to watch. You elected them.

  • Todd Somers

    Effffff! No more efffffing pensions for any new Calif. Gov. New Hires!!! That’s it. We can’t withstand it!!

  • OhGetReal

    Recall them all…….Lets get started….!!!

  • Gail Wyatt

    It is time for another recall; they are mis-managing our tax money. Brown and California state legislatures are killing us. Taxing gas, raising vehicle registration fees and adding $2.00 a pack to cigarettes; beginning all in April. It’s just too expensive to live in the state. High, rents and utilities along with high food prices.