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HOLLYWOOD BLVD: PRO-TRUMP #Oscar Rally Gets Ugly When Punches Start Flying…Trump Hating Female Picks On WRONG Woman!

Dozens of supporters of President Donald Trump rallied on the Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, the day before the Academy Awards ceremony, in order to defend the president and protect his star on the Walk of Fame.

One arrest was made after clashes erupted as some by-passers confronted the protesters, breaking one of their placards. Protesters campaigned for Trump to build the wall and displayed signs such as “Mexicans for Trump,” California for Trump” and “women for Trump.”


The organizer of the rally Matthew Woods stressed that Trump supporters are “boycotting many actors and film directors who have an anti-America agenda.”

A few of the pro-Trump supporters who were present at the rally explained why they supported him:

“I’m Latino and I say, ‘build that wall.’ These illegal immigrants. I actually have a friend whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant.”

“They’re losing and it’s the price they’re going to pay. They’re losing support of the arts and the films. We’re boycotting many actors and film that have an anti-American agenda, a globalist agenda or an anti-Trump agenda.”