Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Sixth Poorest City in California Votes Unanimously to Impeach Trump

Richmond is one of the poorest cities of its size in California, a condition that is no small part related to the large amount of money it pays out to public employees. Yet, instead of overhauling the problem in the public sector, the city council decided to waste time voting to pass a resolution expressing support for efforts to investigate President Trump for conflicts of interest and potentially impeach him:

“However, there is no evidence that Trump has benefited from conflicts of interest, or that he has done anything illegal to justify the “high crimes and misdemeanors” standard for impeachment. The Emoluments Clause argument is also thought by many constitutional scholars and legal analysts to be very weak.

Donald Trump has been something of an obsession for Richmond politicians. In 2015, the mayor blamed Trump for inciting a hate crime against a local mosque, even though the suspect had praised Hillary Clinton in social media.”

Richmond is the sixth-poorest large city in the state, and has the highest public employee salary burden, according to a nonpartisan report issued last year. The report documented exorbitant salaries paid to local officials, such as $560,000 in total salary and benefits to the local fire chief.