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2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate Blasts Media for Being Against Trump ‘Right from the Beginning’

In a radio interview with WPRO-AM on Tuesday, Chafee — who told host Tara Granahan that he voted for one-time rival and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton — said that all the attacks on the new administration have grown “tiresome,” and that it’s time for the country to get with the program:

“He won. I didn’t vote for him, but he won, and let’s let him get his feet under him and try and build an administration, and move on.”

In particular, Chafee took aim at the “mainstream media” and its “full onslaught” against Trump, saying that they’ve been targeting the president “right from the beginning.”

Chafee also seems to have his own bone to pick with the media, which he suggested played a role in his own failed presidential bid:

“They immediately went to trivial things like metric, and during the debate, they gave me eight minutes out of two hours.”

As Chafee noted, his proposal to move to the metric system was widely mocked by some facets of the media:


Personal history aside, though, Chafee also defended Trump’s attempts to warm diplomatic relations with Russia — a tactic that’s come under fire from figures on both sides of the aisle.

As Chafee put it, however, it’s an approach that’s worth the risk:

“When you’re as strong as we are…you can take some risks, and we should be taking them with our perceived adversaries.”

As for the media’s approach to Trump, not much has changed since even the start of his presidential campaign.

That this approach is now even facing pushback from figures like Chafee — who noted that he disagrees with “probably 99.9 percent” of Trump’s proposals — seems to be as telling a sign as anything else.