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MALIA OBAMA’S RAGING Aspen Party: Billionaire Friends Dance On Tables Shirtless, Spray $25,000 Worth Of Champagne All Over Each Other

The media can’t resist trashing the offspring of President Trump. From trying to destroy Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, to trashing Donald Jr. and Eric’s love of hunting. Criticizing anyone whose last name is Trump is acceptable in media circles that once called it taboo to even get a photo of one of the Obama girls. The media has made it no secret that they despise the Trump’s and their wealth. They tried to paint the Trump children as privileged and out of touch. But when the last time you saw a story about one of the Trump children spilling $25,000 worth of champagne all over themselves and their friends?

But there is apparently a double standard where Obama and Trump’s kids are concerned…

Via Daily Mail:

Malia Obama found herself in the middle of a raging party on an Aspen mountaintop Sunday afternoon while enjoying lunch with a few of her socialite pals.

The 18-year-old intern at the Weinstein company was spotted at Cloud Nine Alpine Bistro on Highland Mountain with pals including Elizabeth, Zachary and Holden Tisch, Tassilo von Furstenberg, Brice Lourd and Audrey Kotick.

The group stuck to water for their afternoon seating at the popular hotspot, but nearby a group of close to 100 were spraying over 200 bottles of Verve Clicquot while dancing on tables, some shirtless.

One man posted a photo of just a few of the many bottles before they were showered on guests, writing: ‘Spraying off Champagne fireworks with a bunch of marvelous maniacs and Obama’s daughter.’

A few of Malia’s billionaire friends who were at the Aspen party include:

Elizabeth Tisch (Daughter of billionaire New York Giants chairman and Oscar-winning producer of Forrest Gump Steve Tisch. He has won a Super Bowl ring and an Oscar. Mother is popular philanthropist Jamie, who owns a home in Aspen. Parents are divorced.)

Audrey Kotick (Daughter of billionaire Activision CEO Bobby Kotick, whose company released the game Call of Duty. Bobby is dating Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. Mother is Nina, a writer and family and women’s rights advocate. )

Prince Tasillo von Furstenberg (Son of Prince Alexander von Furstenberg, who is a partner and director in the fashion company launched by his mother, Diane von Furstenberg. Diane was married to Prince Egan, and is now with billionaire Barry Diller, the former chief at IAC. Mother is Alexandra von Furstenberg, daughter of duty free shop magnate Robert Warren Miller and sister of Marie Chantal of Greece. The couple is divorced and Alexandra is now wed to architectural designer Dax Miller)
Zachary Tisch (Son of Steve and Jamie)

Videos posted on social media show large groups joining the outdoor party on Sunday, though Malia appears to have stayed indoors.

‘Celebrating the birthday by spraying 200 bottles of Veuve Cliquot at Cloud 9 on Aspen Highlands. I’m doing this every year from now on,’ wrote one man on Instagram along with a video of him shooting alcohol on joyful revelers.

The champagne of choice is Veuve Clicquot for most guests, and bottles go for $125. This means that a 200 champagne-spraying party would set a guest back $25,000.

Later that day, Malia reported headed out to the club with her friends, stopping by Bootsy Bellows.

That is the same spot where Conor Kennedy, the grandson of Robert F. Kennedy, was arrested after a night of partying in December when he got into a fist fight with a another patron.
‘Malia Obama at Bootsy Bellows aspen… what!?’ wrote DJ Tritz on Twitter.

Malia appears to have left Aspen now to return to New York following her long weekend, with the former first daughter doing one of her fellow travelers a nice little favor of the flight home.