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VP Mike Pence Toured Dachau Concentration Camp and How Some People Are Reacting is Just Disturbing

In March 1933, after being named Reich Chancellor, Adolf Hitler established a concentration camp for political prisoners in Germany, as outlined on the camp’s website.

Dachau was the first of many concentration camps that would eventually lead to the collective murder of over 6 million people.

Along with being subjected to starvation, mental torture, and being forced into a gas chamber, prisoners were also akin to scientific “guinea pigs,” in a series of medical experiments.

The National Holocaust Museum describes three types of experiments that were performed, one of which being a cure to contagious diseases.

Nazis chose prisoners to be injected with illnesses, such as typhus, hepatitis, and yellow fever. Doctors then observed their “lab rats” to see if the immunizations were effective.

“The entrance boasted the phrase, “arbeit macht frei,” translated to “work sets you free.”

On Sunday, Vice President Mike Pence, his wife Karen, and daughter Charlotte visited Dachau. They toured the barracks, crematorium, and gas chamber, according to a report by The Hill.

ABC News wrote that the second family also met with Abba Naor, a Jewish survivor of the camp who now lives in Israel. They also placed a wreath at the memorial.

Pence’s trip to Germany was his first overseas trip as vice president, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Despite having to be in Brussels later Sunday, the vice president decided to take time to visit the site of such poignant moment in the world’s history.

A decision that should have been met with praise. However, some people on Twitter didn’t see it that way, and comments took a disturbing turn.

One user questioned if the leader of the free world sent his second in command to “pick up pointers”:

Another user equated Trump’s recent rally to the Hitler.