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She Wakes Up And Spots Sticky Stuff Oozing Down Her Walls, Roofer Quickly Spots Cause

Honey is delicious, but also it has been known to be a natural remedy for several issues, which includes: lowering cholesterol, diabetes improvement, antioxidant support, inflammation, weight loss, allergies, eczema relief and sore throat relief.

You’d think it would be a great idea to have some in your home right?

One Texas homeowner got more than her fair share of honey when she discovered that she had a bit of a “bee problem.” When Latanja Levine called a roofer out for what she thought was a simple repair, she quickly learned that the roof could not be tended to until she did something about the infestation she had…and it all stemmed from the Queen Bee.

“They discovered there was a bee problem, they told me that they couldn’t do anything on the roof until something was done with the bees,” said Levine, who witnessed the sticky substance pouring down her walls in thin lines, forming puddles on her floors.

“It’s coming in from the ceiling,” she said. “I’m mopping it up, mopping … the walls. It’s all over the curtains here — just honey. The curtains are probably ruined. You can see it’s coming through cracks and crevices in the crown molding,”

In 2016, honey bees were categorized as an endangered species, which means that they are federally protected, so killing them is not an option.

Professionals were able to rid the home of most of the hive and close access to future bees, but the honey just kept coming. They tried hard to find a way to remove the 50,000 bees without killing them, but learned they needed to get to the queen to stop the problem officially.

Until that queen is found and evicted from the home, Levine will have her work cut out for her.

“I’d like any help with a solution,” Levine said. “Because I don’t know what to do.”