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100 People Ditch Work for “Day Without Immigrants”… Return to Find They No Longer Have Jobs

Thousands across the country chose to skip out on school or work last week to take part in a protest against President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, a protest known as a “Day without Immigrants.”

However, NBC News reported that least about 100 of those protesters can now take part in a “Day without Jobs” protest, as their employers sent them packing last week for deliberately ditching work on Thursday.

Dozens of these protesters learned a valuable lesson that if you bail out on a job then they can be replaced, and that the right to protest against the government does not protect one from the consequences of joining a protest when it comes to private businesses.

Perhaps the best example emerged from a small, family-owned commercial painting company near Nashville, Tennessee, known as Bradley Coatings Inc., where 18 employees were fired for skipping work to attend the protest after being warned not to do so, according to WCMH.

Bradley Coatings informed all its employees the day before the protest that because of the time-sensitive nature of their job, everyone was expected to show up to work. When 18 workers still chose to take part in the protest, they fund out that the company’s threat of termination was not to have been ignored.

Fox News reported that stories similar to that one played out in small businesses all across the country.

A restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma, sent 12 employees packing via text message after they failed to show up for their scheduled shifts and likewise failed to notify management of their absence.

A boat-building business in South Carolina terminated 21 employees when they didn’t show up for work Thursday after being explicitly warned not to take part in the planned protest.

A child daycare business in Florida lost six workers after firing two for skipping work to join the protest, only to have four others quit their jobs in solidarity with the fired employees.

Countless students across the country also skipped classes to take part in demonstrations, though there have yet to be reports of any of them receiving any disciplinary actions for ditching school.

Practically all of these employees knew, or at least should have known, that they were putting their employment at risk by skipping work to join in a protest that would have no effect on the larger issues at play, especially when many were warned ahead of time what those risks were.

Not only did they defy their bosses and violate the stipulations of their employment — such as showing up to work when scheduled — they also hurt the clients and customers of their businesses, and perhaps most importantly they hurt their fellow employees who did show up to work.

These employees — now ex-employees — got exactly what they deserved, and have nobody to blame but themselves for what happened.