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WOW! ASIAN STUDENT Delivers POWERFUL Warning To Anti-Trump Liberals: “You have one foot over the line right now. A line you do not want to cross”

This young Asian student absolutely nailed it. He speaks for many Americans who have been a victim of the past eight years.

The Left turned the world upside down and many people in America even think we are on the verge of civil war. This young Asian students warns the Left to turn back now, warning them it is “a line you don’t want to cross.”

He even blames them for “normalizing violence” and ignoring the rule of law as a way to threaten people who don’t agree with you.

This is just part of his message:

“Once you cross that line, you’re starting a war you cannot win. You think you’re so big and powerful. Step out of your bubble. Step out of the liberal cities, and look at the rest of the country. You’re outnumbered, outmanned and outgunned. You cannot win this if it turns violent. If you normalize violence, if violence is okay, you cannot win. You can win by reaching out to conservatives. Talk to them. Talk to  Trump supporters and ask them why they believe what they believe and maybe, maybe you’ll find common ground. Maybe you might even convince us to adopt your positions. Who knows? Put down your fists. Take off your masks. Fight with your words, not sticks and stones. Because if you do not change, you’re going to lose. You need us on your side. You need to convince us why you’re right. You cannot divide us. You need us on your side because Generation Z, the kids that are growing up and being born right now, they’re projected to be the most conservative generation in decades, more conservative than your grandparents. These kids are growing up on the internet. The future’s in their hands, and they’re on our side. So unless you change your ways you’ve already lost.”