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ISIS Suicide Bomber Ridiculed After Detonating Vest Too Early

A reported suicide bomber learned the hard way that explosives can be very deadly in unintended ways.

In a video obtained by the Qasioun news agency in Syria and picked up by the U.K. Daily Express, an alleged Islamic State soldier approached a group of Syrian rebel soldiers and mis-timed things a little.

Things didn’t work out too well for him, as he managed to blow himself up without taking anyone else with him.

The video appeared online on Tuesday and the Daily Express reported that it was footage from part of a battle in the war-torn city of Raqqa.

In the midst of gun fire, troops from the Syrian Democratic Forces gathered close to a tank.

The bomber can be seen emerging from around the corner of a building just before he detonates himself.

Take a look in the video below:

Generally, situations where people die accidentally are nothing to laugh at, but the internet’s response to this guy’s death proves just how much the world has come to detest Islamic terrorism and those who promote t.

Reactions to the bomber’s untimely death included such remarks as “Good riddance” and “Practice makes perfect.” No one felt sorry for a man who was trying to take out as many people as possible with the explosion.

This isn’t the first time a jihadist has met a most unfortunate demise, and by the looks of how some of these guys are trained, it won’t be the last.