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When This Gorilla Turned Around Everyone In The Zoo Took A Deep Breath For Good Reason

Similar to how children mimic their parents, animals can mimic humans.

For example, a dolphin will follow her trainer in a poll and copy her moves and jump and even dogs have been known to shake their heads side to side along with their human owner. So is the same true for zoo animals?

People come from all over the world to watch them from behind their habitats, as they look on with awe at creatures tat seem so foreign to us. The gorilla habitat tends to always get a large following, as people gather and watch, as the animal that is closet to a human being walks across the terrain on all fours. Animal lovers and scientists have been studying the gorilla for years. But there is one particular gorilla who has people all over the world talking about him.

Via AWM:

His name is Ambam and he lives at the Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in Kent, England. He has become an international sensation all because of one little trick. It’s a simple trick that us humans do every day without even thinking twice. Even toddlers have mastered the skill.

One day, Ambam shocked scientists and zoo keepers alike, when he surprised everyone and got up on his rear legs and stood up. Holding onto a side railing , Ambam worked on balancing himself. The silver back gorilla stands at six feet tall when he is standing upright, his posture and stance mirror that of a six foot male. Scientists had never seen such a thing before and they grew to assume that Ambam had learned the move by watching the zoo keeper who tended to his habitat every day.

But it gets better… After Ambam perfected his standing balance, he took a few steps. Then he took a few more steps and before we knew it, Ambam was walking across the habitat.

From the back, Ambam appeared to be like any other ape and you wouldn’t think much about it, seeing him from the outside of the enclosure,. But once he stands and turns around to face zoo-goers, it’s a breathtaking view.

People from all around the world are coming to the Port Lympne Wild Animal Park to see Ambam and his special act. They not only travel to see the miracle in action, but they will wait for long periods of time outside of the enclosure until they see the talented gorilla stand and walk. Guests of the animal park gather outside the enclosure and film any movement the famous Ambam makes.