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Obama’s Freeloading Welfare Users PISSED After Trump Just Killed ANOTHER HUGE Freebie!

The crackdown on welfare continued today with President Obama issuing a big blow to thousands who are on welfare.

The new executive order came on the coattails of the immigration orders for good reason as it pertains to illegals. After a copy of the draft order leaked this month by the Washington Post, liberals started to panic and now their nightmare has become a reality.

According to Conservative Tribune, immigrants trying to enter the U.S. will be vetted ahead of time for their potential use and intentions with government aid, without necessarily realizing it. The order explains that all will be screened to determine their “need for certain types of public aid” and the same practice will be applied to those already here who Barack Obama so freely let in. If they are found to be using the system in any inappropriate way, they will be deported. This decision was made based on a sneaky thing illegals have been doing that President Trump uncovered and wasn’t too happy about it.

Many immigrants come into the United States to meet up and live with them on the promise that the family would financially support them once they get here. That’s said to get them through the process, but once they are here, they just apply for government assistance and all the programs they can and get them. Since many live together, the pool of welfare funds in one home can be extensive. Trump’s order would hold these families accountable who promised to help them financially, but benefited instead.

Although a specific savings to come from this plan is hard to determine, it’s estimated to be about “$100 billion.” Considering how many immigrants have been let into this country under Obama, that’s probably a conservative number even with as alarming as the figure is.

The big problem with the welfare system is that it becomes a way of life for too many people, many of whom aren’t even citizens and will never pay back into the program. It wasn’t intended to be a lifestyle, it was only ever supposed to be a leg up through a hard time. Trump is cutting out the abuse and keeping it for those who need it and don’t take advantage of it. Instead of handing out assistance to immigrants who cross our borders, the should be provided job opportunities as a means to enter. This alone could deter a lot of immigrants from coming into the country.