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Immigrant Cuts in Line, Calls Woman ‘F**king Wh*re’, Then THIS happened!

It’s not surprising that liberals aren’t happy with Donald Trump being president. It is also not surprising that these same people are fighting against President Trump’s temporary ban on immigrants from seven nations with ties to terrorism.

However, these liberals should be watching the events that have happened in Europe and other countries around the world. These illegal terrorists have no desire to assimilate into our culture, they just want to cause chaos and destruction, like they’ve done in Europe.

Sweden has one of the largest crime rates per capita since allowing in several million illegal immigrants from Muslim majority nations. Many women are afraid to walk outside as there have been an increase in sex crimes related to their to their immigration policies.

If you think this is okay, then let me just educate you on what is going on over there:

This footage from Sweden is an excellent example of the lack of respect Muslim immigrants have for native Swedes. The migrant cuts in line of a fast food stall. As he is confronted by the first women in line, he tells her that “he urinates on people” like her.