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Trump Supporter Scott Baio Tells Nordstrom ‘NEVER AGAIN!’, Then Whips Out His Wife’s Whopping Receipt…

Throughout President Donald Trump’s campaign – despite the fact that most of Hollywood railed against him – he had the support of a few actors. One of them, Scott Baio, has continued his vocal support since the Inauguration.

After getting involved in a scuffle at one of the Inaugural balls, Baio stayed out of headlines for a short while. But when Nordstrom announced that Ivanka Trump’s clothing line would be discontinued in their stores…

As noted by BizPac Review, Baio responded by joining thousands of Trump supporters in boycotting Nordstrom — but he went a step further, sharing a photo of his wife’s Nordstrom rewards account to show the department store exactly what it would be missing:

Baio received significant backlash from the general public:

But Baio didn’t stay silent:

While some said that Ivanka’s brand was dropped over poor sales rather than politics, Baio’s wife raised an interesting question:

Trevor Noah (“The Daily Show”) even gave his own response on Twitter: