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BOOM! HOLLYWOOD CONSERVATIVE Calls Out OSCAR Crowd For Double Standard On Refugees

Actor Robert Davi has called out fellow Hollywood elites asking them to put their money where their mouth is.

He is calling on his fellow stars to prove that they are true bleeding hearts and drop security for the Oscars and famous after parties on Feb 26th.

In his open letter he said: “I propose that Meryl Steep, Chelsea Handler, Richard Gere, Robert DeNiro, Christoph Waltz and others lead an Oscar first: let’s do away with the rules, barriers, and tickets to the Oscars and after-parties, such as the swanky Vanity Fair party or the Weinsteins’ star-studded affair.

I ask all migrants, all illegal immigrant criminals and all un-vetted refugees to converge on Hollywood to come to the Oscars and all the after-parties, even those held at the mansions or the Chateau Marmont or anywhere else. After all, we in the Hollywood community want to show all Islamic extremists that we have love in our hearts — and what better way to do that than by inviting them along on our most important night?”

He went on to note the hypocrisy of their outrage at President Trump since they were silent when former President Obama enacted a similar immigration ban.

This isn’t Davi’s first brush with conservatism either, he has been a Trump supporter from the start and seems to be willing to tick off some very influential people in order to stand up for his beliefs.