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Muslims Demand Their Own Islamic State in Norway

The Muslim population in Norway is demanding a separate Islamic state and they are threatening terrorist actions if their demands aren’t met.

The terrorist organization Ansar al-Sunna is calling for Osto to be recognized as a Muslim city and nation or they will declare holy war.

Studies of Muslim migration have shown that the Islamization of an area happens in three phases and Norway has just entered its third and final phase.

Phase 1: When muslims constitute 1-3% of the population. Their behavior in society is decent and non intrusive.

Phase 2: When Muslims constitute 4-20% of the population, political demands begin, such as building of mosques, minarets, bans on Christian ceremonies and events and celebrations Muslim holidays like Ramadan.

Phase 3: When muslims constitute over 20% of the population a holy war begins (jihad). Muslim areas of the city (ghettos) now become inaccessible to non-Muslims. Full implementation of ghetto Sharia laws begin, along with conducting terrorist attacks for secession and the creation of an Islamic state.

Norway, is already in phase 3. The terrorist organization Ansar al-Sunna threatens that if the capital Oslo is not recognized by the Norwegian State as a Muslim city and a Muslim nation they will declare a holy war, with all that this entails. The announcement of the Islamic terrorist organization states:

Similar reports show that Greece is about to have a similar problem. With the refugee situation becoming what it is now, it is only a matter of time before more nations are faced with similar threats.