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Joy Villa Album Sales EXPLODE After Wearing Trump Dress, But So Does Liberal Hate

After singer and songwriter Joy Villa wore her Grammy Awards dress, which made headlines for having the words “Make America Great Again,” she received great news.

Two surprising things happened to Villa after the show. First, her music sales rose by an incredible amount. Second, the left revealed how tolerant they are of people who don’t agree wit hthem.

According to Fox News, the 25-year-old Villa’s EP, “I Make the Static,” jumped to No. 1 on Amazon’s paid charts and reached No. 7 on the iTunes albums chart. Pretty impressive stuff that proves that there are definitely some people who don’t buy into the media’s dislike of all things Trump.

When asked about her support of the president, Villa did nt back away.

“I am 100 percent a Trump supporter. I believe in his message, I believe he will run this country like he runs his life, successfully,” Villa told Fox News. “I stand as a proud American and I stand for a unified America that is tolerant of each other no matter who we voted for. I stand behind our president because that’s the American thing to do. I believe in love, above all.”

Villa has now become a crowd favorite, but the liberal left decided to do what they do best and threaten her.

Breitbart collected a series of tweets — now conspicuously deleted, of course — encouraging her to “die.”

Meanwhile, the Filipino immigrant who designed the dress had a more loving message than the people who go around screaming with placards telling us all how  much they love us.

“It’s more so about love,” said Andre Soriano, the gown’s designer. “We all live on this planet. I’ve never been in the political area. However, it’s just so crazy that people are getting beat up because they voted for Trump, or this and that, someone wants to bomb the White House … I am an American, I moved here from the Philippines and I highly believed in the trueness of what this country can bring. It’s about bringing people together, that’s the message.”