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ESPN Legend & Former Navy Coach Wears A B-2 Bomber American Flag Pin Every Saturday Broadcast To Honor The Military

ESPN’s Lee Corso is one of the most recognizable sportscasters in the nation. He has been the main host of ESPN’s College GameDay since the show started in 1987. Corso’s parents were Italian immigrants and his father fled Italy during World War I at age 15 and understands the importance of the American military.

Corso was given the the B-2 American Flag bomber pin at the U.S. Air Force Academy and has worn it with pride for years on most Saturdays that he hosts the show. While he doesn’t wear it 100% of the time you’d be hard pressed to find him without it.

Via AMN:

Corso played football at Florida State University for which he is known but he was also a baseball player at FSU. As a defensive football player, he set the school record for most career interceptions (14), a record that stood for more than two decades.

Through a winding football coaching career before joining ESPN Corso was at one point, in 1966, the defensive backs coach at Navy.

If you do a google Images search of him, you will see his B-2 American Flag pin in almost every picture where he is broadcasting College Gameday.

More people should show this level of respect to the military in this way, including newscasters.

Keep up the good work Lee!