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This Survivalist’s Log Shelter is Awe-Inspiring. I Still Can’t Believe How it Turns Out!

Every survivalists knows that one of the most important parts of surviving out in the wild is to build a shelter that can meet all of your needs.

You definitely don’t want to sleep on the cold ground in the water or get burned by the sun.

Having a good shelter means you also have a safe place to cook food and rest. The log shelter video below by North Survival shows how he was able to make a truly great shelter that goes above and beyond the call. Just wait until you see what it looks like when he is done.


It is insane how this guy built a survival log shelter out of materials he found around him and very limited supplies he had on hand. The base of the shelter is strong and sturdy made with logs.

The shelter even has a bed that is made from weaved together spruce leaves, thus creating a very comfortable place to sleep. The tarp protects him from the heat and other elements.

This is definitely a shelter you should think of having during a collapse.