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Do Muslims Believe That Sharia Law Supersedes the U.S. Constitution?: Hannity Investigates

Hannity investigated by asking the question, “Should Sharia law supersede the U.S. Constitution?” Islamic cultural center in New York City. Only men were asked the question, but many expressed that Sharia Law is above the Constitution with no reservation.

Many spoke about Allah being above man’s law and thus Sharia supersedes the Constitution:

One man replied, “Sharia law is completely different than the United States Constitution. As a Muslim, you practice Islamic law, as a Muslim. The United States Constitution, as a citizen, I respect the Constitution, nothing to do with Sharia law. In Muslim countries, Sharia Law is allowed. Other countries? No, you have to respect the Constitution.”

The Constitution guarantees the religious freedoms of all and protects those who support Sharia, yet with these views expressed, some say Sharia would trump the Constitution.

Hannity questions the practical application of Sharia as seen in other countries, such as women not being allowed to drive and laws against gays, and then purports that these things forbidden by Sharia are protected by the Constitution here.