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SHOCKER! GRAMMY ATTENDEE Wears “Make America Great Again” Gown…Press Goes Nuts!

Singer/songwriter Joy Villa wanted to follow the political theme at The Grammy’s last night by wearing a gown that read “Make America Great Again” on the front and “Trump” on the back.

It definitely wasn’t what people expected.

Make sure to support the young artist with a retweet. She has been attacked by the left and she definitely needs some support.


She is also getting quite a bit of attention from the press:

JOY-VILLA political dress

From Villa’s Website:

Who is Joy? True to the lyrics of her song “Vagabonds”, Joy Villa is a singer songwriter who’s never slowing down. Having lived in Hollywood, Seattle, Las Vegas, and now residing in NYC, touring extensively since 2012 to Asia, Australia the US and Europe.

Joy’s favorite genre has always been rock and roll, and she considers herself lucky to be a female that looks different than the normal “Rockstar”. A classic renaissance woman, she also paints, models, acts, dances, composes poetry, and writes screenplays and books.