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Need to Remove a Tree Stump? Check Out This Incredible Formula and Get it Done!

Although this is mostly about homesteading, this method can be applied towards constructing a bug-out or survival shelter.

One of the hardest parts of managing land is clearing it out for habitation.

Habitation might include clearing for shelter or gardening or even just making a line of sight to see visitors approaching.

Out of all the aspects of clearing land, removing tree stumps rank as one of the most labor intensive tasks, especially if the tree of large size.

Luckily, with a bit of extra time, you do have options.

This method takes quite a bit of time and persistence.

But if you can do it, it is a very effective way to make the process easier on the body, while enriching the soil around the stump for further use.

Why Epsom Salt?

•    After a tree has been felled, the root network will continue to feed the stump. Epsom salt is hygroscopic, which means the crystals absorb water. In sufficient quantity, Epsom salt pulls moisture from the wood, which then kills the tree.


•    Drill holes in the top of the stump with a one inch spade bit. Start your holes three inches from the perimeter of the stump and keep them three to four inches apart until you run out of room. Bore the holes as deeply as you can–at least eight inches into the base of the stump. Pour 100 percent Epsom salt into the holes and add enough water to moisten the salt. This moisture will carry the salts into the cells of the tree, drying them out.

Then use a mattock or grub hoe to uncover as much as the root structure as you can. Pour a thick layer of Epsom salt on all exposed roots to prevent to roots from carrying moisture and nutrients to the base of the tree.

The process does depend on the type of tree and the size of the stump, but generally, it will work over the course of a few months.

An intermediate solution is to use this Epsom Salts approach to weaken the tree as it dies and to remove parts of it as they dry out.