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Justice Dept Begins Dismantling Transgender Bathroom Rules

It seems that the Department of Justice’s first order of business under Jeff Sessions is to start dismantling the transgender bathroom rules that were put in place with the previous administration.

These rules made many people uncomfortable, from adult women who feared for their safety to teenagers who weren’t comfortable with the vague guidelines surrounding who was and wasn’t allowed to see them change in the locker room.

That may not lost any longer, and the Department of Justice is set to start a huge rollback in the rules that made it possible to say they identify as a girl and get access to women in vulnerable situations.

Mara Keisling, the executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, and is opposed to the moves that the Justice Department is making to reverse all of the progress made under the Obama administration.

She spoke to The Huffington Post regarding the matter.

“We saw this coming, and it’s not a surprise, but the Trump administration is a mess. They take on the people they perceive as the weakest first. I don’t think they understand how strong we are.”