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Husband Takes Picture of Wife Telling Men to Step Up, But What Others See May Get Him in Big Trouble

A photo of a tired mom getting some sleep next to her husband with their baby on his chest made some people think this father is a dream – while others think the picture is going to get him in trouble.

Redbook shared the candid picture that captured the real-life moment of the new parents which Avid Climber loaded on Imgur.

The husband and new father posted:

After winning a battle with testicular cancer last year we finally got our first born son.

The dad proudly said:

“After winning a battle with testicular cancer last year we finally got our firstborn son. Pro tip: Real men take care of their baby while mommy takes as many naps as she needs. She’s been through an ordeal! Suck it up, guys, and be her dream husband!”

The family picture had responses coming from all sides, with some celebrating the amazing dad move:

iamlikelytoforgetthis said:

“You probably won’t see this little ol’ comment buy you, sir, are amazing. And I love you a little bit.”

livelaughbrie posted:

“I could cry. This is the most romantic thing a dad can do. I refuse to have more kids because I know I’ll be doing it on my own again.”

KERILO said:

“Thats some next level white knighthood right there.”

Fuzzybubular added:

“Pro dad tip right there!”

pocketbeaner posted:

“Thank you for letting Mom sleep!!”

yuyufan43 posted:

“seeing parents work together (something I never got to experience from my own) makes me hopeful for your sweet baby. Thank you”

Ilovewhenyoustrokemybeard said:

“Yes! More naps = Happier times.”

chandlerfromfriends said:

“When it gets harder, look at this picture and remember how things should be. You rock, and im your fan.”

Others had fun trying to prepare him for what would happen when his wife found out what he did:

Threewisemen said:

“Hey ”dream husband“, she’s going to kill you for sharing a pic of her sleeping.”

flefla said:

“Congrats man enjoy it. Hope your wife doesn’t kill you too badly for including her in the pic though”

whatifiwasabear added:

“her sleeping face tells me that you’re gonna hear it when she finds out you put this online. cheers!”

StrictPotato posted:

“Congratulations on having a baby! And, hopefully Mommy doesn’t see this.”

8bitburner said:

“she going to get you when you sleep”

jhuntsman said:

“What an awesome husband. But she really is going to kill him…”

Maybe he will survive after all, as CommanderCassandra wrote:

“She won’t kill you. Mom, dad and baby are all perfect in this photo.”

The sleeping wife did score a compliment, so maybe that will help dad if he does get into trouble.

originalBabewiththePower said:

“As a woman, I wish I looked that hot while sleeping.”

A little nap time after having a new baby and a compliment should make things better if she wants to get revenge on her husband over the photo. Either way, she got some much deserved sleep.