Exposing Hillary So She Won't Get Elected

Michelle Obama: If I Ran Against Trump I Would Have Beaten Him Easily!

A few hours after Donald trump was elected, Hillary Clinton supporters who were ready for the first female president were already setting their eyes on someone else to represent women: former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Obama fans agreed: if Clinton can’t be the first female president, then Mrs. Obama would be the perfect alternative, which is why thousands of people on Twitter were encouraging her to run for president in four years.

The hashtag #Michelle2020 began trending early Wednesday, and pleas for the first lady to consider running for president in four years continued throughout the day. “I truly hope #MichelleObama runs for president in 2020,” one user wrote.

“This would be the most iconic thing to ever happen in history #Michelle2020,” another tweeted.

Dozens shared videos of Mrs. Obama, and some even made their own 2020 campaign posters.

Mrs. Obama did have a favorable rating of 64 percent, which was higher than both former President Obama and President Trump.

During a summit for veteran homelessness at the White House on Monday, the first lady finally responded to a person’s cry to, “Run for president!” She then said: ” If I ran for President i would have beaten Trump”.

Let’s just see how our current president does first.


  • StandUpAmerica

    All I can say is this bimbo does not have a clue.

  • Lynn Echlin

    Well, see you in 3.5 years when you launch your campaign. But there is a problem. keith x. ellison, another moslime like your hubby, c. booker and old hilliary are still chomping at the bits and wanting to be the horse of choice for the presidential race.
    Get in line lady. At least this can be said for you, you most likely know that Putin is not after Korea and that Germany did not attack Pearl Harbor and launch WW2 against Japan.
    That is about all, though. Bad luck in you quest.