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Chelsea’s Husband Shutters Hedge Fund After Hillary Loses Nearly All Influence

Merc Mezvinsky, husband to former first daughter Chelsea Clinton, reportedly closed his hedge fund, Eaglevale Partners.

Bloomberg reported that the hedge fund quietly shut down in December and was in the process of returning money to investors.

Mezvinsky launched the hedge fund in 2011 with the help of Goldman Sachs CEO and longtime Clinton supporter Lloyd Blankfein.

Via CT:

Eaglevale was not a very successful business investment. In May, Mezvinsky announced he was shutting down a special Greece-focused investment fund that had lost almost 90 percent of its value in just two years, The New York Times reported.

And according to a 2015 report from the Washington Free Beacon, it was unwise to give money to Eaglevale, as Mezvinsky was said not to be very good at his job. Apparently, they were right.

It appears that the Mezvinsky family isn’t very good with money in general. Mezvinsky’s father, Ed Mezvinsky, served five years in prison for swindling friends and family out of millions of dollars.

It’s not too crazy to think that this could have happened due to political reasons. The fact that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lost teh election and won’t receive many favors from officials both in the U.S. and abroad may have played a role in shutting the hedge fund down.

A spokesman for Eaglevale didn’t wish to comment on its closing.

At least temporarily, it seems as if Chelsea and Marc are both out of the job. However, rumors are spreading that Chelsea Clinton running for a congressional seat in New York have made the rounds.