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A Delta Force Sgt. Exposes Truth About First Navy Seal to Die Under President Trump’s Leadership

A Delta Force leader broke the silence about the media’s attempt to blame President Donald J. Trump’s administration for a raid that resulted in the death of a Navy SEAL.

In an interview that was recently published, Master Sgt. Dale Comstock, a Green beret and Army Delta Force operator, said the raid in Yemen is being reported in a different way than how it happened.

Navy SEAL and Chief Petty Officer Ryan Owens, who died tragically while targeting Al Qaeda terrorists, was in one of the most dangerous countries:

“Much of the media has no f***ing clue what they’re talking about,” Comstock said. “I’ve been to over 70 countries in the world as a soldier, security consultant and civilian. I’ve been to every country in the Middle East. Yemen is one of the most dangerous countries on the planet. Syria isn’t the most dangerous country in the Middle East, Yemen is.

“Most roads in Yemen have manned checkpoints,” he continued. “There are terrorist groups at every checkpoint. There is Al Qaeda, ISIS, and the Houthis — who are funded by Iran. The streets aren’t safe.

“If you have a white face on the streets of Yemen, it’s a death sentence. There is a very high chance that you will get captured and killed.”

He said the media, which has blamed Trump repeatedly for the SEAL’s death, is shamefully misguided and choosing to use the tragedy for political purposes:

“They don’t have any idea what could have gone wrong, how complex the planning was, and if anyone on the SEAL team made a mistake,” he continued. “To blame it on Trump is more than short-sighted. He doesn’t control the forces on the ground. And he has enough respect for our military that he defers to the professionals who he chose to lead the greatest fighting force on the planet.”

Military operations are very complex and the SEALs are among the most highly trained fighting forces in the world. A death of one of our heroes is tragic, but Delta Force operator Dale Comstock said it is irresponsible to blame Donald Trump for the death.