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Chelsea Clinton’s Husband Quietly Shut Down Hedge Fund After Hillary’s Loss

Chelsea Clinton’s husband Marc Mazvinsky just joined the millions of Americans who didn’t have any work during the Obama years.

It has just been reported that Mezvinsky shut down his Eaglevale partners hedge fund just weeks after Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election to Donald trump.

Taking a huge loss betting on the financial problems in Greece, one could speculate that Mezvinsky and his business partners were hoping to cash in on their connections during a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Now, he and Chelsea are both out of the job:

Bloomberg reports that Mr. Chelsea Clinton and his partners are now working to return money to investors, including Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd C. Blankfein.

The decision to shutter the fund came just a few weeks after Mezvinsky’s mother-in-law Hillary lost the election to president Donald Trump.

Mezvinsky has kept a low profile ever since Hillary’s loss in the election, but was photographed by DailyMail.com heading out for a weekday jog in the middle of the afternoon last week.

Eaglevale Partners was started in 2011 by Mezvinsky and his partners, with their former boss, Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd C. Blankfein, one of the first investors.

Another is leading financier, Marc Lasry, co-founder of $13 billion hedge fund Avenue Capital, where Chelsea worked after graduating from Stanford.

‘I gave them money because I thought they would make me money,’ Mr Lasry told The Times last year, after investing $1 million in Eaglevale and urging a relative to do the same.

Mezvinsky was long gone from his job at Goldman in October 2013 when his mother-in-law Hillary was paid to give a speech to executives at the company during a technology conference in Arizona.

No word if the power couple will hold onto their $10 million luxury apartment. It reportedly has the record as the longest apartment in the city, stretching from 26th Street to 27th Street off Madison Avenue.